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when grilling over a high temp heat source. Here is a basic brine solution, which can be paired for lower volumes of liquid: Make your (basic) Brine Solution up using: a HALF CUP of Kosher salt a GALLON of water, and use at least a HALF CUP of sugar. And of course, your spices. Brine for at least 30 minutes to an hour. If you buy pieces of chicken on the bone, or cut a whole chicken, these retain more moisture and flavor. Rinse your meat and dry it with paper towels before grilling. Your meat will not be too salty, but will be very tastey and not dreid out. Lastly, never cut into meat to see if it is done, that method lets the juices out. Buy a meat thermometer and hold the meat with tongs, while you take its temp. Any sauces with too much sugar will burn when grilled over high or medium heat. The sugar caramelizes and then burns - very quickly.