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^great outfit above, simple not too chunky


good thread, many cool cardigans, keep em coming

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Originally Posted by dodd View Post

Hello everyone. Can anyone tell me what cardigan this is? Or help me find one that is similar? Thanks.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

That appears to be the same NdG cardi from earlier (post #358), but they are long defunct so for that one you will just have to watch eBay with fingers crossed. Speckled knits are pretty big right now, though -- just watch the new fall stock starting to trickle out everywhere now.

Oops, three months late. Slow thread.


Mauro Grifoni on Yoox (or was)


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What do you guys think of this cardigan?

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I really like the look of the tarnished brass buttons on there. The dark grey and navy blue are my favorites.

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EG 2011 - I always had a boner for this knit.


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Originally Posted by theundeadkennedy View Post

It took me a very long time to identify this Save Khaki shawl cardigan, but now that I have I can't find it for sale anywhere. If anyone could point me in the right direction in locating this or a very similar alternative it would make my month. Thanks for any help!!


Pretty sure that's not the same cardigan. The one DC is wearing has no pockets.

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hello everyone, massive cardigan fan here! wondering if anyone knows where i can get something similar to the below, but at a lower cost (can be in wool rather than cashmere)..

i bought an epaulet wool cardigan last time i was in NY..quite pleased with it..who makes the best quality knitwear for the price?
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cashmere cardigan from current Canali collection... I want one badly

usually i hate hoods on cardigans but I think it looks good here

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 KK Attachment, cashmere


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