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I should have kept grandma's knitted cardis from those xmases long ago:

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Anyone have any idea where I can find this Cardigan. I contacted the original poster but he was unsure.
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Hi Mike... Did a quick google of the filename "heather coastal blue" and came up with this: Hope that helps!
post #274 of 421 is real nice, almost copped but the shoulders were just abit off and they didnt have a smaller size.
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^ i got that Folk cardigan (in grey) last year, I love it, wish it was warm enough for winter though.
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This is me wearing a belted Shawl Collar Cardigan I recently picked up from the Polo Ralph Lauren Store here in Dallas. It's 79% Wool, 17% Lamb's Wool, and 4% Al Paca...with leather covered buttons. It's structured more like a jacket, but it's soft enough and crushable enough that I would place it on the higher end of the cardigan spectrum vs a true jacket. Great with just a T-shirt for a cool look but warm feel or great when you layer a long sleeve shirt or thin sweater underneath when its a little colder outside.

It was originally $895 but I got it on sale for $266 plus tax after a couple of mark downs. I picked it up on Dec 27th 2009, so you can probably still get your hands on one. Its called the Bedford ES Jacket. By the way, this piece is not on the Polo website, but I saw it in two different Polo stores within the past two weeks.

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Is it a jacket or a sweater?
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my dries

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I would consider it a tweener. Definitely more substantial than a sweater but not quite a jacket. If you want a "Sweater" that can truly handle 30-40 degree temperatures...this is it.
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I think you need a collared shirt with that jacket/cardigan or it ends up looking like a bathrobe.
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That's f**kin' awesome, man.

Agreed with Johnny that it would kill with a collared shirt. I love how a good shawl collared cardigan can serve as a sort of unstructured blazer replacement.
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we needa see that shit in context jet dawg
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Here it is with me wearing a shirt and tie.

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wrong shirt and tie knot. it needs a BD collar and a four in hand
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I don't wear ties with Button Down Collar shirts. A bit shaggy chic for my taste. Since the collar on the shirt I was wearing was a bit on the wide side (not quite a spread collar but close) I went with a full windsor vs a four in hand.
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