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need more wine colored shit in my life
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I think your best bet would be to eat something really really really spicy?
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
There is a really sick wine colored one out right now it's such a good version of the color. Would make a nice beater on sale me thinks.

well now that it is, what is the material?
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I think it's just wool but way overpriced for made in china bullshit.
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Originally Posted by xchen View Post
I've been jonesing for a cowichan cardigan this F/W. I'm not going to cop yet, though. Let's wait for the sales.

Here's one from Steven Alan. Not necessarily the one I'd get, I just really love these in general.

Right there with you. What does everyone think about a designer Cowichan versus a handmade one?
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dont want made in china ANYTHING
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I want a simple (slim) v-neck cardigan to wear with a button-up but can't find anything I like that's near affordable, it's very disappointing. Guess I'll just have to wait for the sales
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handmade conwichan is of course the way to go... why would anyone choose designer over handmade orginals? Ive been looking for years, but ive only found used ones in pretty bad condition here. If you havent experienced these sweaters yourself, be prepared to freak out over how thick and heavy the wool knit is..
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^ That's my problem, I can't find many that are in patterns that aren't super busy. Or when I do it's usually pilled beyond it's years, and has bits of Grandpa's drool and fruit cake crumbs lodged everywhere in between. Not to mention the smell. Good one's seem somewhat tough to find.
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Originally Posted by MortyGras View Post
My wet dream when it comes to cardigans is still this one from SNS Herning


expensive as hell though..

I got this Band cardigan in navy recently. Best thing I've bought this season. High quality, slim fit, and amazingly toasty.
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i think cardigans look too... soft and scrumptious. like warm and cuddly. like something your girlfriend would expect you to wear. so quasi-feminine in a way.. no?
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Felt like bumpin this soon I hope to have some nice ones posted here.

For fun here's my vb

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On the list for fall:
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Looks like the fishies are mouth tweaking your nipples.
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what's the top one?
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