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Do you sympathaize with eco-terrorists? - Page 6

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over 1,000 whales are scheduled for slaughter, including 50 endangered fin whales. maybe the terrorists will help save the whales this season.
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Nope. Don't sympathize. EZ
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Originally Posted by Nosu3 View Post
First terrorist to ever attack using baking flour? Lindseay should have punched that bitch.
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I do

After watching The Cove, or the pictures of the shark left to die after the japs took its fins, I don´t think it would be a bad idea to sink a couple of fishing vessels (without their crew, of course).
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No sympathy whatsoever.
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Can't sympathize with groups I observe, and can't observe groups i sympathize.
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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
There are 1 million and 1 ways to promote their goals and agenda in a peaceful and more effective way. They just want some sick sort of recognition like serial killers.

No love for the eco-terrorists, but please, there is no peaceful or effective way for anyone to promote these goals that would make any sort of meaningful difference.
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After living in China's pollution, it is hard for me not to feel some sympathy for any action - even radical or destabilizing - that is aimed at ending man's destruction of the environment. They are using the wrong methods, obviously. They should use more creative and peaceful means. Also vested corporate and other interests are so powerful that people are left with few options.
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