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Mine is the LL linen. Feels around 14 oz or so. Drapes very well, at least during the fitting.
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Probably going to order another light fresco unless somebody sells me on something else.
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What is light fresco? 10 oz, two ply?
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High twist 8/9 oz.
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I have two lengths of the high twist that I plan to make into pents, not sure I would make a suit out of it, it seems too light weight to drape well.
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No way, it is awesome. I already have a navy suit in it. The heavier stuff isn't great for really hot weather.
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ORLY? Show me the suit, how does it hold? If it is good, I will consider making a suit, it is much better than two ply fresco. What color are you thinking for next one and what was the # on your navy?
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The navy one is back in this thread somewhere. Honestly I can't remember the cost, Frank got it for me. I am thinking dark charcoal for the next one.
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I have a blazer done by Frank in 8/9 oz. fresco - it drapes fine and is quarter-lined. It actually was the first thing he made for me.
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It turns out that Frank just got the LL linen book if you are interested.
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I don't think I am ready for a linen suit. The rumples bother me. A lot.
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Also, anything linen I have had in the past has faded with time, wear, and sweat areas... shog[1].gif
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I've seen the LL linen made up in a tailors workshop, the color is beautiful, really pops, but it is too damn heavy. If you want a linen suit, go with cacciopolli, italian linen flows
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The Minnis Fresco 8/9oz high twist is good stuff, wears much cooler than the stuff farther back in the book, no issues with draping from my experience.
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Frank made me the heavier weight (12/13 oz?) Navy Smiths Finmeresco a couple years ago. Amazing fabric and amazing drape, although I think it *is* a little hot to wear in the NYC summer (no matter what any #menswear blogger says.) I also found the navy to get shiny in the heavy wear areas, but I've heard that happens to all darker fabrics (any one have any experience with this?)

FWIW, based on some of the responses here, I'm having second thoughts on the 15 oz Loro Piana linen; I might go for the Cacciopoli or lighter weight LL Linen instead...
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