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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

I do, never used other makers however.

Do you recommend one location over the other?
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Brooklyn if you can, Manhattan is sporadic appearances by Frank and seems to be higher "lost in translation"/logistics issues.
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Cross post from Unfunded Liabilities...


Thanks to Frank and Ercole for teaming up on this piece. To say I am excited would be a gross understatement.

Best, DL

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Originally Posted by Grammaton Cleric View Post
My recent experience has been that it's incredibly difficult and frustrating to drive anything despite staying on top of them. There appears to be virtually no concept of customer service and Frank is increasingly unresponsive and somewhat arrogant in dealings. He continues to be a nice guy during in person encounters, but good luck getting him to follow through on much.

It's nice to see how their business has grown over the past few years, but that growth has come at a cost. I'd stay away.


Thought I'd chime in here as I've just picked up my most recent order (MTM overcoat, ordered in Brooklyn).  I've had a few different orders over the past few years and wanted to give some context on how customer service (at least in Brooklyn i.e. not through Scott) has evolved over time.  Long story short - the beginning of last year was a low and things are now back to running pretty smoothly.


From when I started seeing Frank until around the end of 2014, Jeremy who worked in the shop was incredibly proactive in terms of communication between visits and in the shop was able to advise on and take orders himself (for existing patterns; he was neither a fitter nor cutter).  When Jeremy left, whoever he hired was ... less helpful than having no one, I think.  Anyway, that person was gone after about a month and her replacement is much better at reaching out between appointments.  Until the middle of last year I had to stay on top of orders and reach out proactively to see if things were ready and if I should make appointments to come in, but since the fall communication from the shop has been much better and I'm comfortable again not having to worry about my orders and just responding when they email me.  My impression from talking with Frank is that there have been some changes to the process to smooth things for Manhattan customers as well, but those I can't speak to.


In the Jeremy era he kept things organized enough that I was able to alternate appointments between the two locations based on my schedule, but going forward I will be sticking with Brooklyn in the hopes of keeping things reliable.  

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Finally got the pics back from my wedding. Ercole bespoke 3-pc sharkskin. I loved it, wife loved it and hopefully I will have many more opportunities to wear it.



Have always had decent Customer Service though I will agree Jeremy was fantastic. Have not visited since Dec 2015 and it was getting better back then.

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Looks awesome!
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