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Originally Posted by quar View Post
NYR, I like everything except the shoes. Seems you are trying to channel the iammatt signature posture, but it seems a little unnatural to me. Is there any reason your arms are held pronated in almost every photograph you take? Reminds me of pigeon-toed PG in 2009.

I guess its just a natural tightening up in front of the camera...
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post
Wow, what an amazing tie!!! Imagine how good it would look ig you knew how to tie a knot !

i think he did a better job tying the tie today... and the pockets are in the right place, it's just the jacket is slightly longer than sf typical
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Originally Posted by taxgenius View Post
Crap. I was going to use him. What was your issue? Do you think he's good at diagnosing what needs to be corrected (putting aside his actual work).

overall sloppy work, unfinished work, threads left in, etc.

had sleeves shortened, he (his workers) only did one side, not the other, etc.

I brought it back to him and showed him (as I had not tried on the jacket in the shop) and had to have him redo it. and expensive for what was done in my opinion... for the quality of work done.

perhaps it was an isolated experience, but I was less than enthused.
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I'll have a little piece to throw up here. Maybe at the end of the week. We'll see.
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Just a quick teaser before I go out of town for the weekend. Full shots maybe next week, maybe even the drapists will like this one. Happy Father's day for those who it applies!
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Not a lot of time for better photos this morning. Crappy iphone stuff. I need to g/f to get some decent ones still. Yes, I got rid of the stupid clip after seeing these...

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^^^ Very nice. What did you specify to get that?
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From my first commission I told Frank to give me a longer jacket, drop the button stance a bit, 3 5/8" lapels. Minimal drape in the chest with very soft shoulders and chest. In my first one there was close to nothing in the shoulders, except for what feels like to be canvas and felt, where this one has maybe a 1/4" pad. Frank also dropped the gorge a bit, he thought that it looked better, more English. I am not sure where it matters to me, I like both.
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^^I will reserve any judgmenet until full shots but it seems little tight in the waist as there is some pulling. Also,don't see a lot of drape here,can you post shots of the back as well? This is the new suit,right?
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Yes, new suit. Better pictures will have to wait until the g/f is over with her camera. It is pretty waisted, but I insist on that as I like it. There is definitely room in the chest, my roomiest suit yet, "drape" is not always apparent in pictures, but I can definitely feel a difference here. Like I said I told him minimal. Some might call it a "normal" chest compared to like Manton's stuff, but regardless I feel like it is a very well sculpted jacket and light as a feather.
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Great,let's see full shots. Also,it might be just the angle of the shots but I can see little gaping in the chest,lapels don't fall straight on the chest,again,it might be the pictures or maybe just the lower buttoning point accentuating it.
You got peak lapels and a ticket pocket?
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No gaping, I promise, shadows abound. Yes, ticket pocket and peak lapels, very style forum unfriendly, I know.
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Not seeing much drape there. Looks a little tight if anything.
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Very interesting - is it me or is this cloth close to that of your first commission?
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My first commission was dark gray, this is navy.
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