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The primary difference between our Made to Measure and Bespoke products is the nature of the construction.  While the Bespoke garment is a bench made suit with extensive hand work, the made to measure product involves more machine work in order to keep the cost to the customer as reasonable as possible.   We of course guarantee a perfect tailored fit with all of our products and the array of custom features is vast with both the Bespoke and Made to Measure.   It should be noted that a Bespoke garment is more of an art piece that does allow for more accommodations to those who are inclined to a very particular style.



Franco Ercole Bespoke

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Thats awesome...
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Picking up my MTM midnight tux on Wednesday for my wedding.  Can't say enough about these guys.  i've never felt so good wearing ANYTHING else in my life.  They just hit a home run for me on the first go for my wedding.  I can't wait to see the finished piece!

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I can't speak with much authority but for a newcomer like me who did his homework but still felt a bit overwhelmed, Scott just knew what he was speaking of so intimately that he made it obvious why he was correct on certain points; and still made me feel like whatever the heck I asked for--regardless of his guidance--would look good with them making it.


He controlled the process while educating me to the point where even I could explain why things were made the way they were made to others (read: my fiancee). 


From the looks of some of his clients, he's got cache to spare with the more seasoned crew.


Most important of all, he simplified the process for me during an unexpectedly difficult personal time by jumping through hoop after hoop.


so yeah, I'd say you should by all means give scott a shot.  Solid guy and exceptional at what he does.



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Pics please... lurker[1].gif
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Picking up tomorrow and will have all the pics you can handle!  By the way, thanks NewYorkIslander for the suggestion!

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how did it turn out?

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Originally Posted by PASstudy View Post

how did it turn out?

Yes please, this thread is dead... frown.gif
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We now have a selection of 7-fold and grenadine ties.  You can check out a few of them on our tumblr:

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A green tweed jacket we made last year revitalized with a fresh set of buttons.

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^love that jacket!

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Great jacket! What fabric is it?

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The fabric came from Caccioppoli last year, but has been released by Ariston for this season.  The colors and flecking are almost identical between the two runs. 

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