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From the episode where Milhouse's parents get divorced:
Kearny's son: "I sleep in a drawer"

Ralph: "I'm Cable TV!" (after being splattered with red paint)
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Homer: "To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."
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From Treehouse of Horror IX, spoken by Kang the alien: Holy Flurking Schnit! Don't remember which episode: Marge; Grandpa, are you sitting on the apple pie? Grandpa: I sure hope so...
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From "˜The Italian Bob' episode, Homer: "Damn you Victor Emmanuel, why couldn't you leave them as separate city-states?"

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Milhouse: "Everything's coming up Milhouse!" {I say this everytime something goes right for me}

and a more recent one-

Lisa, undercover as Jake Boyman: "What're you drawing?"
Nelson: "A robot with guns for arms shooting at a plane made out of guns shooting guns.

Homer's got a million funny lines for me to list
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Am I the only one that never really watched The Simpsons?
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Homer:"I like my beer cold, my tv loud and my homosexuals flaming."
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Homer: "I am so smart! I am so smart! S-m-r-t! S-m-r-t!" (as he burns his diploma and the house down).

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Land of the Donuts
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"Sure, your guilt might force you to vote Democrat, but secretly deep down inside you long for the Republicans to lower your taxes, ignore the poor, brutalize prisoners, dictate what goes on in your bedrooms and rule you with an iron fist."
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Lisa to Bart, at Cypress Hill concert: It smells like Otto's jacket!
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Mr. Burns after shaking dog's paw: "Smithers, I believe this dog was in Skull and Bones."

I enjoy pretty much anything Mr. Burns says.
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Burns to Homer, at golf course: Use the open faced club, you fool! The sand wedge!
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmm... Open faced club sandwich...
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Look at those side burns! He looks like a girl. Ah, Johnny Unitus! Now there's a haircut you could set a watch to!
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