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Originally Posted by tiecollector
Could not agree more.

The enormous population growth from immigration has hurt us more than anything along with instant gratification. I am only in my 20s but have seen this happen over the last 10 years even. I go out in the streets and people don't even know how to speak English. As if the flip-flops aren't bad enough, what about the refugees and illegal immigrants coming over who are just filthy. They sport all the best fashions from the Salvation Army, neon green tank top with some biker shorts. I don't even want to go out some places because they have turned into eye sores in the past 10 years just because of the clientelle. I read somewhere that 1 million LEGAL immigrants come in every year, and probably just as many illegal ones! We are certainly NOT a nation of immigrants, but we are rapidly becoming one.

As for racism, the only racism you see these days is against the European-American (to be PC). In California especially, you get this condescending attitude if you aren't "colored" because there isn't anything special about you. I know people who are maybe 7/8 white and 1/8 something else, but they latch on to that 1/8 as if they belong to something because of it. I used to live outside D.C. and got in fights weekly for being the smart white kid. Blame whitey, you're too smart and hard-working! Yay liberal guilt! We let people into MY country and they take to the streets protesting that we aren't giving them enough.

Land of opportunity? What opportunity?! I paid $500 a month to SHARE a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 other people. If we didn't have illegal immigrants taking all the blue collar jobs and the huge influx of immigrants causing a housing crunch, I might still be able to afford a house and maybe even have a job that pays more than minimum wage.

The instant gratification in this culture makes me sick too. Let's get on the pill and spread my legs every weekend because I'm "liberated." More like self-objectification. I think sex in a marriage has probably changed very little in the past decades. That is, for those who actually get married. Now we actually see on MTV people called "Baby's Mama" and you are good father as long as you pay child support? Women still use men to get free drinks, money, financial security, you name it. Those women that go around expecting men to perform and just have fun all the time end up in the gutter after their 9th failed marriage. The only thing women's lib has done is make women unaccountable for their actions. Women these days think they are owed something just for having breasts. No female knows how to even cook anymore but they know how to mix every cocktail in the book, sounds like a recipe for a successful "partner" to me. I know my grandma enjoyed sex a great deal (yes, don't ask) and she was only ever with my grandpa. I don't think women really enjoy sex anymore today, they just use sex to sleep their way to an acting deal, they like the attention even if it means being videotaped, or do it out of sheer penis envy. I think most women today are pretty vapid, spouting buzz words from the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and are more or less dead inside.

I can't quite comment on the death of the inner city. Seems to me you can still find this stuff in big cities like SF, NY, LA, etc due to the fact that there isn't any room for a shopping mall, if anything. I have been to Europe and Union Square in SF has the same feel as any other big city. The modern shopping mall has become a cesspool however, when going to one in California I feel as though I'm in a third world country. Nobody speaks english. They are just a hangout for underachieving youths and refugees.

All in all, the standard of living from 30 years ago has to have dropped. You can't afford anything, everyone I know, even people in their 30s have roommates still! You can't just buy a house, work your day job, and have a family anymore.

I don't think there has been a post on this forum so close to covering every possible ideaology that I disagree with. To bad he didn't finish with "and nobody loves Jesus anymore."
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Originally Posted by Nantucket Red
Thank you Globe and Drizzt.

And briancl.
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Originally Posted by briancl
I don't think there has been a post on this forum so close to covering every possible ideaology that I disagree with. To bad he didn't finish with "and nobody loves Jesus anymore."

+1. I can't believe it's a serious post, though. If I'd set out specifically to troll this thread I'd have probably written something very close to that. If it *is* a serious post, God help us. There is no better example of American "entitlement" than white Americans claiming that racism against white people is the REAL problem....
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I'm a little hazy on his exact ideology, but tiecollector has it committed to memory, whatever it is. Good gawd man, you need to work on some of these "issues".
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Originally Posted by globetrotter
folks, this is what a 25 year old kenneth pollack looks like....

[snip of tiecollector's post]

I don't think that's fair to Mr. Pollock. I think he is fussy and conservative (in the sense that he's from an older generation) and perhaps a bit classist (although I don't think so). There's nothing about him that says he's anti-immigration or perhaps a veiled racist.

On most of tiecollector's post, I think it's not really worth responding to. I will say that many of the illegal immigrants tend to get the jobs that Americans think they are too good for and getting paid little for it (often below minimum wage), such as dishwashing at a restaurant or mowing lawns as day laborers. There's way too much bitterness in tiecollector's post and even the possibly good statements get caught up in the bad.
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As regarding San Francisco, and its cultural ethos, it's rather a pretentious city with aspirations to cultural affairs only ending up with an Alliance Française, and a pseudo Beaux-Arts Fine Arts Museum. Their saving grace, I suppose, are some of the modern photographic galleries. A city that holds a gala for the opening of a mall, really.
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