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Check out my men's fashion blog!

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Its fairly new around, very irreverent and entertaining, and keeps you up to date with all the latest trends and celebrity fashion 'incidents'! http://a-suit-that-fits.blogspot. It's sponsored by A Suit That Fits but offers an independent outlook!

Suit Wizard ;-)
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Was going to say, "So 2005...", but then thought the snooker post was pretty neat. PRetty creative, and the writing's punchy. Welcome.
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Purely advertising of low grade suits surely?
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And to think that cashmere suits were pricey when this outfit will do one for $200.
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Congrats on ripping off a copyrighted image from Thomas Mahon's site. Classy.
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I can't say I like the blog or the company much. Charging a few quid more just to have certain style changes that don't require much more effort or none at all is pretty classless. To "remove belt loops" there is a charge... 'nough said. And yeah, I'd definitely remove that image before Thomas takes action.
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Advertorial, mostly.
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plagiarism abound
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What the heck is online bespoke?
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Makes me want a waistcoat about now. Half the image links are broken through the bespoke process however.

I'm starting to notice and appreciate his style more, but his clothes just dont go with the gaudy backgrounds or music.
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