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Originally Posted by GQgeek
Well, the lapels are a lot nicer on a partially-canvassed suits. If I had to choose, I'd go with partial. The lapels on fused suits make me cringe, so it would be worth a tiny premium. AB really isn't expensive, but the fit is crap. It's too bad cause they use some really nice fabrics.

Of course, I wouldn't actually buy anything that wasn't full canvas.

I think it has as much to do with the quality of material as the canvasing. I have two Z Zegna suits, both fused, both retailing for $995, one made from what I believe to be Zegna fabric, the other not. The one that has nicer fabric wears much better, has better roll for the lapel and stays nicer. My full canvas "real" Zegna is much nicer still, but I think the fact that most crappy material is also on a fused suit gives some skewed impressions. JMHO.
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Originally Posted by GQgeek
They are not fully canvassed. The lapels are and that's it. The fit is also horrible. They have massive armholes that really don't provide much freedom of movement. They use nice materials and the lapels are decent but that's it. I don't recommend.

I appreciate there are different opinions on matters. However, I do have to say that the Brant I purchased from STP is fully canvassed, no question. I checked it out myself as soon as I took it out of the STP box.

I then told my tailor, who didn't believe me until he looked at the jacket, and to his surprise he agreed with me that it was indeed fully cavassed.

I also know the article I dug up, that is posted in this thread earlier, describes the black lable line as "fully canvassed".

Given that I'm not an authority on Brant black label I wouldn't go so far as to suggest they are all fully canvasses, but I would say I would be rather surprised to learn otherwise, and would have interest in hearing from someone who has personally come across one that wasn't fully canvassed.

I can also say that the cut on mine is actually rather to my liking. The armholes are high and there is significant waist supression. If you're of thin or average build the cut is fine. If you're corpulent, best look to the regular Brant line. In short, the black label fits nothing like the mainline Brant, or at least my particular suit suggests this.

Finally, the cloth on my suit is of very high quality. My only complaint is the suit I purchased is really tropical weight, but that isn't anything against the cloth itself, only that living in the winter wonderland of Western Canada i'll only be able to wear the suit half the year at best.

In my opinion it was an absolute steal at $288 (retail was $1200). That said, at the full price point I think there are better suits out there that retail in the same range, such as Samuelsohn, but at anything under $400 I think purchasing NWT fully canvassed suits can't be a bad deal, can it?
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Originally Posted by DGP
These were most certainly Saks suits, I did not mistake that label. Also, I could care less about paying extra for just partial canvasing, I'd just buy fused then, so I always test by pinching between the button holde to see what's in between the fabric. These had that third layer in there. Also, much trimmer fit than most AB stuff. However, not all the black label suits are done this way.
whether or not these garments meet your criteria for quality and fit, why ask here? I don't need affirmation from anyone here to discern quality. The term fully canvassed is easily confused with an inner lining. Half - canvassed is half-crap. Fusing allows the manufacturer to make something more cheaply. The guts of your suit or sportcoat are as equally as important as the outer fabric; scrimp on either component and the garment is ruined. Still, Nordstrom Rak had suits with Saks labels on the inside breast pocket?
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What happened to the "C" in Rak? Now if it were Saks Rak, I could see it...
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I think Karey prefers to omit "C"s. Nordstrom does not.

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Originally Posted by grimslade
What happened to the "C" in Rak? Now if it were Saks Rak, I could see it...
I don't always take the time to check my questionable spelling when when I post. I should pay greater attention, since I see "Rak" in my head when I think of Nordstrom's Rack. Since they mark down everything, I thought they marked down their name, too.
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