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Corsos. Maybe a Neo in the background.


edit: taking another quick look, those dogs could be a few different things. Corso heads for sure (more Italian than American), but cropped ears with intact tails are throwing me for a loop. I'd expect to see intact ears and docked tails before the reverse. 


Cropping and docking are banned in nearly all of Europe, the UK and Iceland, so not really sure where these dogs came from. 



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Good call on the Jon Snow POV battle scene. That was really well done
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I agree that the cinematography during the battle was great, especially the stampede and all the washed out grey colors but the gigantic pile of bodies was pretty dumb.

Wun Wun will be missed. I hope some other giant comes down to join the effort and work with the Starks.
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"I assume your offer comes with no such demand of marriage?"

"I never demand, but I'm up for anything really."
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I'm impressed at Ramsay's archery skills. Toying around until you've given yourself a small window to hit a moving target 100+ yards away, and then hitting it dead center. And then the eye shot on Wun Wun. He's almost as good at hitting people with arrows as Steph Curry is with mouthpieces
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Some solid direction in this episode to keep the budget in check and still deliver a gritty combat experience (in before Ataturk complains about the pile of bodies some more).

Using the shield wall to cut off sight lines so you don't have to film all of these scenes with a fully built out background filled with dead bodies and CGI...terrifying and cheap!
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Disappointed that the Umbers stayed loyal to Ramsay. 


I guess "The North Remembers" only applies to that one old lady Ramsay killed last season. 

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Rickon... turn left or right next time.
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Zig-zagging will only get you so far.  




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So, what about Sansa? I thought it might be possible that she doesn't tell Jon about Littlefinger because she's hoping Jon will die in the battle and not threaten her claim to Winterfell -- but then she's begging him to delay the attack. So what possible reason could she have for not telling him? And does she somehow think Littlefinger is less dangerous?

Also, Littlefinger had either entered the north or was at the border months ago, and Ramsey and company are completely unaware of him?
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Zig-zagging will only get you so far.  


Dragon glass.
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Also in last night's ep, yet again, foreshadowing of Dany going Hitler. Okay, we get it, she's going to have a big scene where she either becomes Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. Stop it already.
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What I still don't get is what the Masters were thinking trying to get Dany to kill her dragons. Did they really think a girl with 3 giant ass dragons would be afraid of a some ships hurling rocks at the city?
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I think that was actually foreshadowing of cersie burning kings landing down.

They have made a big deal about all of the wildfire in the form of "aegon was crazy" and "dany, your predecessor was actually a shitty ruler"... But it is not going to be dany that burns the city.
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