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How old is the machine? Where did you buy it?
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Bought at Nespresso, I guess about a year ago.
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If I were you, I'd call them and ask for a replacement. It's just descaling, there shouldn't be hours of flushing involved.
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Apparently it is a common issue. When I encountered this last go around, I got 20,000 pm's of other people experiencing the same issue.
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That sucks. Have you tried using citric acid (if that's possible) or some other descaling mix? (I won't repeat that you could just measure the hardness of your water and maybe see that descaling isn't necessary at all tongue.gif)
Anyhoo, I'd still inquire about a replacement.
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Hmm. I descaled my Pixie using the Nespresso Descaler and didn't have this problem. Do you have an older model machine?
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NYC water is very hard.
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I don't know. Bought about a year ago.
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quit being a fucking asshole and just call them up or take it down to the store.
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That's a pain. When I emailed them, they respond with the pre-packaged, "It takes a few tanks to clear it out". I don't think they can do anything about it.
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I ordered some of the metallic nespresso cups, I actually kind of like them so far.
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You can taste it in the coffee you make? Or just if you run water through it?
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Boy, that sucks.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Maybe. I am up to about 50 tanks. Still there. A coworker had a good idea. Nespresso should make the machine so it can be disassembled and scrubbed. Maybe I could do this?

so most nespressos have a lot of removable parts and you should be able to scrub, but i do think you should just call nespresso or go to a store and see if they will replace it. final note, i only use filtered water on mine (specifically fiji) to avoid hard water or any other nastiness
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