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Anybody use this stuff? I typically start the day off with a yogurt and was thinking about switching to something like Danon Activa. I'm just wondering if all this probiotic food actually does anything and what people's experiences have been with them. Thanks.
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I take probiotic pills in the morning on the recommendation of my doctors. The only difference I can feel is that I'm less like to develop symptons related to lactose intolerance. There are supposedly long term health benefits involved, which will not change one's day-to-day life.
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I have a co-worker who is very suspectible to hayfever allergies. During the allergy season, he swears by a combination of probiotic foods to supplement his immune system response. His diet includes (live cultured) yogurt and also natto ( ) - the latter definitely being an acquired taste (!) He claims that it takes about 2 weeks for his body to build up full immunity. And, at the same time, he swears off alcohol during the allergy season as he also indicates alcohol kills off the beneficial bacteria in one round of drinking.

I occasionally take the white probiotic pills if my stomach is feeling upset, but I just consume yogurt and sometimes natto on a regular basis.
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TAKE THEM regularly... Especially before visiting a country like INDIA. We bought a lot of them prior to our move here. They help with the kids and are recommended my doctors here... You never know what the person that cooked your food did prior to that.

Probiotics help balance the bacteria that is naturally in your stomach.. (What I was told). They help break the damaging and upsetting fauna..

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I take probiotics too. It is a good idea, will help nutrients absorb better and stuff like that. I take Udo's adult formula once a day. Be sure you take one with around 10 billion live cultures.

The two main ingredients you want to look for are (pretty sure):
Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum

I was also reading some things about eating a certain amount of some fancy yougarts, but you can't exactly just go to your local supermarkets to get them, easier just to take a probiotic capsule.

All in all, its good poo.
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