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First Armani and a good deal from Last Call

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Well I don't normally buy Armani, but as you all may know from my e-bay requests I was looking for a new grey suit. I was at a NM Last Call and found one in my size marked down. The nice girl also asked me about a NM card that would save me another 30%. Total was $225 for a basic grey suit, not too bad I think.

I have to say the fabric is very nice, and the cut is great. It looks good on me, or will once I see a good taylor.

The construction does not appear as good as any Burberry, but it is sharp looking for a solid light grey suit
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Not bad. What line is it from? Collezioni/Emporio/Classico/Black Label?
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A good suit is a good suit. Congrats. Funny, all the Armani I see at filene's is that over-the-top fashiony stuff. The silly thing is that they still have the nerve to charge like 800 bucks for it.
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Armani varies. Collezioni/Emporio tends to be low quality (both construction and style-wise) but once in a while that line will have a decent, somewhat toned-down piece in it.

Black Label and Classico are much better, and made by Vestimenta using excellent construction methods.

I have a very modern Black Label jacket in an awesome ligher gray fabric (think Tom Cruise's suit in Collateral), 1-button high stance, narrow lapels, high gorge, unstructured. Bad part about Black Label/Classico is the price - this jacket retailed for $2850, though I did not pay that much for it.
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Collezioni Dang, maybe I am older then I think. I really do like the classic styles, Burberry and some of the RL stuff take up a good bit of space in my second closet The wife used most of the master and my office went to the abomination, err.. I mean business casual a few years back. Actually even worse, when we moved to a new building (for IT) they went all the way down. Actually we are a major high end US retailer, so if it in the stores we can wear it. I know some TR jeans cost as much as nice slacks, but I will stick to the slacks.
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Sounds like a nice suit at a good price.
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Armani has been my choice, for more than twenty years. Every important piece to my wardrobe, is either Black Label, or Classico. I have Collezioni, as well. I'm a 38 regular; Armani fits me with very few alterations. Have been grateful to find a house that I could stay with, for so long. I love my vintage Armani, just as much as my newer additions. Congratulations, on your purchase.
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