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Normal for denim to become "fuzzy"? - Page 2

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i doubt that abrasion will make a pair of jeans as hairless as factory-singing though. even the spots on my canes that look almost shiny from abrasion have a peach fuzz if i look at it at the proper angle. nudies just don't want to fuzz-out. i wonder if you can brush denim with a boar brush or something to encourage hairyness. a lot of effort for a questionable reward, but hey, it's for denim science. takers?
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I'm bringing this thread back because fuzz is an issue for me too. I don't like it. I go for the hard finish of a jean like Rag And Bone.

So, here's the way to fix the fuzz:

1. Buy a can of WATER BASED clear polyurethane varnish, e.g. Varathane.
2. Pour 1 inch of it into a spray bottle, followed by 1 inch of water. (Use a funnell.)
3. Spread the jeans out on a CLEAN surface.
4. Spray the jeans quickly and evenly, making sure to cover all areas.
5. Take a shoe or clothes brush and brush them down, so that the mixture goes into the fabric.
6. Turn the jeans over and repeat.
7. Hang them outside for an hour.

You will end up with a nice finish, and the fuzz will be gone. Cheers, Larry.
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i think the fuzz is just a degree of slub i believe.
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What is slub? (Whatever you call it, I still have to get rid of it.)
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O.K. - I found what "slub" is from the other jeans thread. No need to reply...
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I also love fuzzy / slubby
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