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I find I have an excess of Kirby's Hangar Project original 20 inch wide (fits my 44L 20 inch wide suit and jacket shoulders perfectly) in 2.5 inch width.

These were purchased on his initial order before going retail and have the (in my mind) superior trouser rod and wire rather than the simple covered roll bar.

They have been securely wrapped only in Brioni, Kiton and Isaia fine fabrics for the past 2-3 years.

Unfortunately current clothes vs closet size requires me to drop to a less robust shouldered hangar.

I will sell them in a lot of 10 for $150 per 10, you pay shipping from San Diego.

These were purchased on Kirby's original order when he started Hangar Project. I bought 50 at that time and have sold 2 lots of 10 as I moved to my smaller place. At this time I have another lot of 10 ready to go.