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Light colored ties - I admit I don't ged it. - Page 2

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I have to say I'm not a fan of them either. While they don't look ugly, I feel like there's never a situation where I'd personally pick one over a darker tie. If I had one, it would sit in my closet and I'd keep saying, "Next time."
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oldog wears the light tie very well. Try looking for his pictures. I think they look best when they're more muted colors with a white shirt and a cotton suit.
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I feel like any time a lighter tie would look good, a darker one would look better.
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how about this one...?

I thought the yellow really popped out of the blue and grey.

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I think one thing that can make a big difference is a light colored suit. Some combos don't look bad persay with a dark suit, but a medium to light gray, that light blue linen suit posted earlier, perhaps a beige suit if it suits your skintone, they can look outstanding. As for aj's ties, how about a tan shirt and a ligther gray suit? Nice pair of medium brown shoes, perhpas suede, that could be a fantastic look.
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Yellow ties are classic and have a place in every mans wardrobe. I even wore light pink...some years ago.
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Originally Posted by George View Post
Light coloured ties are great in summer.

Of course...

Shades of cream ,lilac ,pink are beautiful in the heat...
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This is exactly the sort of thing that I don't understand. In my opinion, there is little contrast between the shirt and the tie (especially relative to the dark jacket). It just grates against me. With a lighter toned jacket, I completely understand yellow with lavender or green with magenta. With a dark jacket, when you have light grey or cream on near-white i feel like it's too similar to white-on-white.
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