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Light colored ties - I admit I don't ged it.

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Ok, since I live in a very warm climate, I though that a bunch of light colored ties (e.g,. pink, yellow, sky blue etc.) would be pretty sensible considering that most of the year the sun is shiiiiiining.

After some experimentation, however, I must admit that I just don't get it. Light colored tie just seems completely off to me in any context, except maybe than drinking mojitos on the beach, in which case I wouldn't be wearing any tie to begin with.

So I'm interested to know more about the application and history, if any, of the light colored tie. It does not appear to me that this is something that sits particularly well with the simple classic look. I mean, it's fine, but it's kinda "Eh..." to my eye.
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Try them with colored shirts.
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Non SF applications - navy suit, white shirt = any tie.
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Light ties don't work well with anything other than white shirts, or patterned or stripes shirts that are primarily white. They don't have enough contrast with light-coloured shirts and they look juvenile with darker shirts. Sky blue and pink can work well with a suit as long as the colour isn't too saturated. A brighter and lighter yellow is harder to wear, though a more golden yellow can work the same as light blue.
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I'll wear pale blue or purple ties on a white shirt with a med-grey suit. I like it. I'm not really sure what yours look like, they look washed out? the ones I'm wearing are vivid.
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This thread could really use pics. I haven't read the OP or anything but I was just hoping for some nice pictures of light-colored ties paired nicely with some stuff. I'm disappointed that it's just a bunch of text.
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No camera right now unfortunately.
My experience echoes that of other posters. In general light blue works with the navy or medium gray suit for the most part. In my case, I think that sky blue knit tie was the best choice, the woven silks, not so much. The yellow was/is the worst of the bunch (I agree that rich gold is a different story). Pink could work, but mine not so great, but I believe it is because it is a washed out variety of pink as ktpr suggests.

I can't see myself wearing a dark shirt with a suit, much less with a tie - I've tried, but looks off, i guess too casual (at best), or even strange; I feel that if I add a light tie to that, it's gangsta all the way.

In any case, for my needs I am concluding that the climate (which was my original rationale), doesn't really justify too much tinkering with lighter colors. For the most part, the traditional darker colors seem to work in hot bright summer just as well (esp. classic silk knits such as black, navy, lavender/purple etc.)
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Yellow ties goes pretty well with blue shirts.

Pink ties goes with almost all, and more if cashmere.
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^^ Yellow and pink cane intense. By light colored ties, this is what I understand (see pics). Never figured out how to wear these
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I think they would look great in Bermuda.
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^ Thank you! Where to kop the blazer in the last pic?
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Originally Posted by Made in California View Post
^ Thank you!

Where to kop the blazer in the last pic?

It is a suit, vintage Haspel from the '60s.

I live in New Orleans, so I have occassion to wear light colored ties. However, I do prefer darker ties.

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I've always wanted to try a white tie on white shirt, I think it would give a more formal look. In the 18th century, at least among the founding fathers, there were no ties, just very tall, white collars with that frilly whatnot... so I think if you had a white tie, it would echo that slightly.
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Light coloured ties are great in summer.
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