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Originally Posted by rach2jlc
All of the LV suits that I've seen are made by Belvest and, like others have said, are in the range of most of the other designers in terms of quality. It is possible that in the past year or two they've pulled a Prada and moved to a cheaper manufacturer, but I doubt it (Prada, too, until perhaps 2002-03 utilized Belvest).

Who does Prada use now? I was under the impression that they still used Belvest.
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It's not Belvest anymore. In the past two years Prada has taken almost everything down a notch in order to save money (their sneakers, which were always made in Italy, are often made now in Vietnam and so forth), and this includes the suits. As well, the typical Prada customer doesn't care too much; they want a style and a fit and really don't care too much about canvassing. This, in addition to the cost-saving factor, probably lead to Prada's decision to switch. Why pay Belvest $1000 to make your suit when you can get the same amount of money from a customer and have to pay only $500 to another maker?

The newer models are mostly fused. That's not to say that they don't make some canvassed models at the top end, but nevertheless I believe their suit-production model has changed.

I've HEARD (note that this means I don't know for sure) that they switched to Lardini, who makes suits for many designers from Burberry to Dolce & Gabbana. This would make sense, since Lardini's suits are fused but nevertheless are amongst the top-end of fused suit makers.

Finally, Red, you're very welcome! I'm always glad to help out a fellow gaijin.
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rach2lc, i didn't really like the lardini suit I had in hands. Fit was nothing spectacular (pants were rather roomy), buttons were plastic and the sleeves were quite wide. I expected a little more italian flair, ala D&G. !luc
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I think that Lardini must have various lines at various price points within its manufacture, from nicer fabrics and cuts to so-so ones (like you mentioned). I have one Lardini suit that is one of my absolute favorites, despite being fused. The cut is nice and slim (with flat-front pants), the buttons are horn, and the fabric is Loro Piana Zelander Dream. But, like you mentioned, I've also seen some that were really nothing to write home about.
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Everytime I read Lardini, I can't control the laughter Pants were roomy Someone in another thread said their name should be Lardassi
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You're right... what an unfortunate name in English! Whenever I wear that suit and somebody inevitably asks me who made it, I always find myself schwa-ing over the "a" in Lard so that it sounds like "L.....rdini." It's not so bad when I'm in Japan, because it sounds more like "La-ru-di-ni" but in the USA...
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I guess that's what occurs when trade-marks get international.
Mitsubishi faced that problem when introducing their Pajero into Spain. Here, a "pajero" is a man who gives himself a hand-job frequently. Mitsubishi changed Pajero into Montero for the local market. Still, sometimes, a tourist arrives with his Pajero and causes some laughter by the locals.
(P.S. I think "Montero" is also used in the rest of Europe and in America, basically, in markets with Spanish speaking customers)
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