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A Pleasant day in Chicago

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I had a well deserved half day of fun today and got to visit Mr. Despos shop. All I can say is that he is the nicest, kindest Tailor I have ever met, and is just brilliant. No ego or anger and explains everything.

His shop is elegant and beautiful, there should be a fee to just enter.

I have dealt with a lot of tailors and there was a kind gentleman at Mark Shale about 9 years ago that passed away and disappointment for me ever since.

I already changed my mind so that the day I hit a certain goal , I will not be going to Savile Row but Oak St.

Thank you Soph and Chuck for the recommendation.

I also got a chance to look at the Polo store and I love the suit displays, they also keep insisting that I am crazy in thinking Edward Green may be dropped. The shoe collection was not that great.

Nothing really exciting at either Saks or Nieman Markus, but there was a bunch of Oxxford suits at the Filene's in some... interesting fabrics and about 100 Borrelli shirts.
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I'm happy that your day was successful and fun. Those of us in Chicagoland are fortunate to have Despos, within our midst. I hope to visit his establishment some day, soon.

Ah, Filene's. No trip to Chicago is complete without steppinig inside. I once found a stash of vintage Rive Gauche eau de parfum, sitting on the shelves. Very, very difficult to procure. Reasonably priced, too. I wish I'd bought more.
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Is there a forum dedicated to rare perfums ?
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Now, how would I know anything, about that?
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