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I'm not worried about the health issue - but I hate having stained hands, so I try to use gloves
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A little Meltonian saddle soap on a warm moist cloth takes it right off.
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gojo soap its cheap, works well, smells good, and even feels pretty nice to use.
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Anybody else never get polish on their hands, on the table? I don't think I'm a clean freak or anything, but I've never had an issue. Maybe a dab on my finger that washes off easily. This is a serious question, not a troll.
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The most hazardous stuff in shoe polish is naptha. Which I'm not all that worried about, to tell the truth. if you swallowed a chunk of polish, that would be bad, but it has very little effect on leather, evaporating right off, so it's not gonna do much harm to your skin, which is why it's used. It cleans stuff off and then evaporates away (which is the source of that wonderful shoe polish smell), leaving no residue. The dye, wax and cream are not concerining at all, and I find that normal hand soap is usually enough to remove them from my fingers.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post
Yes, I do end up shining tons at once as well. The more shoes I get I notice the less time I have to do other things after work like forgoing dinner and drinks with friends. This whole shoe thing is turning me into a recluse.

Friends lie to you and then turn around and sleep with your girl. Shoes will never let you down and all they ask for are trees and some occasional polishing. Shoes > friends.
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