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I've been looking at a pair of shoes on My only apprehension is that someone once wrote a post on the sizing discrepancies on yoox, but it dealt with garments rather than shoes. Does anyone have experience buying shoes (or otherwise) on yoox? Anything I should know?
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I've YOOX three times now, and have been very satisfied with the products and service both times. Delivery is direct from Italy, and incredibly quick, considerably quicker than Bluefly's standard shipping option, actually. The sizes listed for the Prada shoes seem to be the Prada rather than standard US sizes, and correspond more properly to the British sizing system (essentially British size +1 = American size). Thus the large number of Prada shoes with the description "large sized" in their catalogue. I also find that the translation between European and American sizes is often a little off, even by the manufacturer's estimation (e.g. some manufacturers claim that a 43 is a US 9.5, some that it is a 10.) It is better to know your European size.
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Peter: Even knowing your European size sometimes varies by shoe maker as LA Guy said. Here's my best info: Shoes ·\tU.K sizes are 1/2 less than U.S. ·\tEuropean sizes are 33.5 more than U.S. ·\tJapanese sizes add 18 to U.S. size ·\tThese size conversions are for medium width shoes (D) so make allowances for wide or narrow. If there are no wide or narrow you may want to go up, or down one size. USA Men\t7\t7½ \t8\t8½ \t9\t9½ \t10\t10½ \t11\t11½ \t12\t12½ \t13\t13½ British\t6 ½ \t7\t7 ½ \t8\t8.5\t9\t9.5\t10\t10.5\t11\t11.5\t12\t12.5\t13 Continental\t40.5 \t41\t41.5\t42\t42.5\t43\t43.5\t44\t44.5\t45 \t45.5\t46\t46.5\t47 Japanese(Mondo*)\t25\t25.5\t26\t26.5\t27\t27.5\t28\t28.5\t29\t29.5\t30\t30.5\t31\t31.5 Korean\t255\t260\t265\t270\t275\t280\t285\t290\t300\t305\t310\t315\t320\t325 USA Women**\t8\t8 ½ \t9\t9 ½ \t10\t10 ½ \t11\t11 ½ \t\t\t\t\t\t ** Just in case you want to wear heels some evening. *Mondo Point sizing is used mostly in sporting goods like Ski Boots and Inline Skates. Mondo Point is unisex; there is no male or female size. The largest standard Mondo Point size is 32, about a US size 14 men's. Above that most manufacturers use US or Metric/Euro sizes. Andy
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Sorry. The Forum format ignored the table on the sizes so that they don't line up, but you can figure it out (maybe.). Andy
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