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What shoes do you wear with your dinner suit/tux?

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I failed to pull the trigger in yesterday's sale for a decent looking pair of patent leathers as I thought they would sit in the cupboard unworn for months.

Now it looks like we may be invited to a black tie event at New Year and I wish I'd gone for it. Looks like I'll gamble on finding something decent either now or in the post Christmas sale or I'll have to shine up some 'day' shoes, unless anyone knows of any other good alternatives? I'm not looking to spend silly money for shoes I will wear once a year. I don't like AE park Avenues or velvet slippers.

What do you lot wear with your black tie outfits?
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I polish up my black cap-toe oxfords, though mine are more elegant than the AE PA. The PA's 360 degree welt makes it look too clunky for black tie.
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I wear black loafers with silk bows.
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Ferragamo black suede wholecut lace ups
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I would like some patent loafers
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I find an oxford captoe with a spit shine work fine for me. Only wearing a tux a couple of times a year I too couldn't justify the outlay for patents.
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I'm so bummed - I just scored these from yoox


would have been perfect, marked as black but for some reason the pair I got is a dark oxblood!

could probably get away with it, but will probably send them back.
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I don't have any patent shoes, so instead use either a well-polished pair of black Lobb Chelmers (example pic, taken from the Shoe Pictorial thread), or if the weather's wet, a pair of black Loake 1880 captoes. Occasionally, if feeling frivolous, I'll use a pair of dark green suede Lobb Lord slippers.
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I do the patent leather tux shoes, myself. However, I feel that a pair of black plain toe or unadorned caps would work fine, if given a spit polish ( as in Holdfast's link, above ). I wouldn't wear any shoe that is so busy as to be the detracting point of interest. The tux in and of it's self should be the main focal point ( after me ofcourse ).
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All you need to know:

Originally Posted by Manton
Black punch-caps. John Lobb Philip IIs would be particularly suitable.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
All you need to know:

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!986 Alan MacAffees.

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I wear my Crockett and Jones "Alex". Black wholecuts. I want to get a pair of bowed patents. I would also like to attend more black tie events. If you know of any invite me. I will go.

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Either these:

Or these:

I also have a pair of AE Ritz, but the soles on those are so thick and clunky that I was once threatened with death by a dance partner if I ever wore them again. She claimed they were an implement of torture. Not good for what essentially amounts to a dancing shoe. The soles on the BB version are much thinner and more appropriate for dancing at a formal event.
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