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I'm Done Buying Crappy Shoes!!

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I've been reading this forum for several weeks and its been a wealth of information so I thought I would like to join the discussion. Someone from the Badger and Blade forum directed me to you guys.

Today, I laid out several pairs of shoes to clean and shine and noticed that a pair of my Cole Haan cap toes have a cut along the toe area where the shoe bends. It looks as though a knife was used to cut along the bend of the shoe. I'm puzzled because this cant be normal? I've had these shoes maybe three years and I always insert shoe trees after wearing and alternate with other pairs of shoes throughout the work week.

This is my third pair of Cole Haan's this year where something has gone wrong with the leather. First, it was tiny bubbles in the toe crease, the second was the leather soles wearing thin very quickly and now the cut along the crease area. I realize that Cole Haan's are not not one of the most expensive shoes but for $300 a pair, I thought that they were better made than this. I'm ready to turn the corner and give some of these to goodwill.

Prior to seeing all the beautiful shoes on this thread, I thought of English shoes as being for old men banker types and void of style. Now, I'm thinking that I may begin replacing my shoes with Alden, Alfred Sargent, or Crockett and Jones, etc. I did some research and found several shoe stores in my area (Washington DC) that I want to visit in the next several weeks; Alden, Allen Edmond's and Sky Valet Shoes. I remember that there was a Church's shoe store downtown but I believe they closed.

I really want to visit Sky Valet Shoes, they carry Alden, Allen Edmond's, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Loake1880, J.M. Weston, Alfred Sargent and several more brands. Anything to be careful of with any of these brands? Link to Sky Valet Shoes

Also, I've looking at shoes on Leffot and the Leather Souls website and Facebook page their shoes are absolutely stunning! I wish I was closer to them so that I could order shoes from those guys.

Sorry for the long post but I have another question, I see tons of post describing shoes and "lasts" and I would like to know where I can find more information of "lasts" and how it determines shoe fit, etc.?

Thanks again,

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Shouldn't this go in the Men's Clothing forum? If you're here, you should be done buying crappy denim.
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theres a huge alden thread that is at the top of this forum almost every 10 min. theres a wealth of info on lasts and you can just ask there bro ... no need to make new thread.

and yea if its all these types of shoes your looking at, prolly wanna be in mens clothing.
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its spam
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There is an Allen Edmonds store in DC on Connecticut if you want to try on a bunch of different lasts.
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I'm Done Reading Crappy Threads!!
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Originally Posted by Nopike343 View Post
Me too. Brooks Brothers carries the Peal line which I believe are manufactured by C&J, AS and Loakes. Yes you probably will get more useful responses in the mens clothing forum. There is more interest in these type of shoes there.

I was going to post in the clothing section but didn't know how to delete the thread. I'll take my question over there, so if mods could delete, I would appreciate.
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It's not spam, sky valet shoes is a very well respected shoe store in the DC area
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