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Where to find APC black military jacket size L

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Alright guys need your help, called apc in ny and no luck. I found out it's actually from last season. Does anyone know where I can find a large? Thanks fellas.
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Are you talking about this style? I don't ever see past-season APC stuff floating around that often, but this piece was a straight ripoff of a French military field coat, if that helps. That one I have pictured I'm selling but it's a size M, 50cm across. If not, this M-65 style, current season?
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your best bet/cheapest bet is yahoo japan auctions. they have em up there.

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Thanks guys, not really concerned about the price. That pictured jacket is not it, but somewhat close. This one doesn't have the zippered pockets or label on the front.

edit: not the m65 either
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military jacket without the zippers? havent seen it, but they do have this one on yahoo japan

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If the piece you have in mind was the one modeled on the website in black, with the guy in the bleached grey jeans and orange/black plaid shirt doing the shoegazing look, that is the style on top. The khaki color shows the style a bit differently but it's the same piece.
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JET, is this what you're looking for?
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That's not quite it. You know what I think the problem is that I'm pretty sure now that it's not termed a military jacket as I was first informed. It's more of a waist length field jacket that's a little more smooth than a straight military jacket. I'll check the apc site again like impolyt mentioned.
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Don't know if you checked the rest of the situation normal website: Nm. Just realized it's the same as the black one pictured above.
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Realised that you may be talking about the military jacket from F/W05. You're right, it didn't have zippers or a patch, but it had epaulets, correct? Olive drab or black colors... This is the only pic I could find;
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Man you guys are good but we still haven't nailed it

With Ryan's help at S. Willard I am going to call around to see if I can find it. He has a medium in stock and it's probably my favorite everyday type jacket I've found. It's only around 240 iirc, someone should swoop on that since he sold out of the L the day before I got there. Very few places carry it but it is a current collection piece. It's a washed black/dark grey very ill.
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You might try phoning Azalea. They don't have the piece online, but they have more stuff instore. Factory People in Austin, TX ( may also have it. Stel's in Boston also carries a fair amount of APC not found online, and they'll take pics of stuff for you. I know that they've carried plenty of the APC military jackets in the past, and they may have what you are looking for.
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Thank you kindly.
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