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C&J shoe repair question

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I have a pair of C&J shoes with the rubber "Ridgeway" sole that needs to be replaced. Can someone make an experienced recommendation on where or how to get it replaced? My local shoe repair (best in the area) was not familiar with the sole or where to obtain a replacement. It looks as though the sole might come as a one-piece unit, is this correct?
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You can always return the shoes to Crockett & Jones to have them re-soled.

I believe "Ridgeway" just as "Commando" and "Dainite" are products from the Itshide company (Itshide might be the shoe-product range of the xxx rubber company, as I cannot find a website). A UK shoe repairer might not have the sole in stock, but could easily get it from his wholesaler. There are two pieces: the sole, that goes all the way to the back of the heel, and the heel (a block of rubber), which gets glued and nailed on top of that.

Why don't you contact C & J, they might sell you a pair of the sole/heel combination (or give you the name of a firm who will supply you) and you can ask your local repairman to attach them.
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Thanks for the tip. Here's a copy of the email sent to me by C&J:

Please forward any repairs to the address given below.

We offer a repair service with two options. The factory will rebuild and reshape the shoes on the original last as new. This procedure takes 10 weeks and costs £80 plus postage.

We also have a local shoemaker who does longsoles and heels
for our shoes and takes 7-10 days at a cost of £60 plus postage.

You may e-mail, fax or phone your order and credit card details to
our Royal Exchange store.
Please be sure to include the credit card expiry date, billing address
and the last three digits form the number on the back of the card.
This will help us to promptly forward your order to you.

If you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact me on
telephone 020 7929 2111, fax 020 7929 0110 or e-mail.

Kind Regards
Mr Huqstable
Crockett & Jones Repairs
25 Royal Exchange
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