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I've just placed the order. Hope these will let me stop looking for another pair of winter boots.


BTW, UGGs are definitely not for Canadian weather. My Polson is dead after 1 season and a half. Their customer services are terrible too. 

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Regarding laces, I just use stretchy ones from the local sport shop. No one can tell them apart and I don't have to lace anything.
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I've been having a hard time with this as well.


I did buy a pair of Pikolinos casual boota this winter that have not held up.


Was thinking of the Jcrew RedWing Wabasha.


I wish that Merrell would jump into the more fashionable side of Mens winter boots.  They have some fashionable winter boots for women, just not men for whatever reason.

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I want to thank the people who helped me. I'm giving ups to every post

Here were my selections:

Trail hiking snow boot: Hanwag Ivalo ($80)

Daytime casual wear: Hanwag Grunten Winter $250)

Late fall/early spring boot: Vass scotch grain high boots ($500 ebay)

I am speculative of the Vass because despite avoiding salt the laces alone are destroying the grain leather color... Is this normal?

I found the Hoggs boots I originally requested details about. Would love to own these next Fall.
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Hoggs of Fife Rannoch Veldtschoen boots

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resurrecting this because it's wet and slushy outside. Thinking about timbs. Any cool new options?

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I ordered a pair of Waxed Flesh boots to finally be rid of this issue.


My only trepidation is that I have not yet figured out how best to maintain the wax, but I have not received them yet.


Hopefully my feet wont sweat too bad in them indoors.

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need options as well, don't want timbs
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Has anyone tried these Heschungs?


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Originally Posted by accordion View Post

Has anyone tried these Heschungs?

hahaa omg they look great!nod[1].gif
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Try the Red Wing Icecutters.

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