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Is it possible to get the Macquarie boot in tan or rum anymore? I've looked on the sites that are usually mentioned as sellers, but it seems they only do black and chestnut. 

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For anyone in Sydney. There is a 50% off sale at Paddington Town Hall this weekend. I just scored 2 pairs of shoes for $450!

Mainly shoes and they are going fast.
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Hi - wondering if someone can offer an opinion here on which model/last to think about.  After a few years I've decided to take a plunge on RMW.  I've tried just about every chelsea on the market that is sub $500 and they just don't fit - largely b/c of my long narrow foot.  I wear a 12.5C or 13B in most AEs and (point of reference) a 12A in Alden Van last.  


Here's where I could use some advice - on such a large size the elongated toe of anything with a chisel (I think) tends to look a little "clown shoe"ish.  Any thoughts on which of their chelseas to give a look a look at?




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Does anyone know what the future status of Nungar and Bootsonline as a future RM Williams retailer? Are they going to increase their prices to the same level as other stores or stop selling altogether?

From Dieworkwear:

"The store I bought from tells me that RM Williams is looking to cut off their small stockists, forcing customers to buy at a higher price point. In the US, ready-to-made boots go for about $500; made-to-order (what RM Williams misleadingly calls bespoke) starts at $800. I imagine these changes are coming from the top brass at LVMH (RM Williams’ new parent company), who want to turn an outback bootmaker with a good heritage story into a global luxury brand. Hard to justify those prices when your smaller distributors are undercutting you."


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A quick family photo...

Dark Tan Signature

Black Signature

Chestnut Kangaroo

Tanbark Kangaroo

Black Kingaroy Lace up

Brown Suede


Harbour Shoes

Bordeaux Burnished Kintore

Ink Suede Everard

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Beautiful collection Dan1255,


It looks like they don't sell those Bordeaux Burnished Kintore's in that nice brown leather anymore. 


Black or now suede. I wish they still did it in that brown leather!


Also, I note that Macquarie only seems to come in Black or Chestnut? Can anyone who has been in a store confirm this?


What happened to Rum, and Tan?

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