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Has anyone see the latest 'Gardener Commando' boot in store as yet?




I was speaking to one of their sales staff, & I'm sure I heard him say that the are made in Romania.


I have to say that I've been waiting for these boots since they first appeared in leaked on-line pictures. In the flesh, the workmanship is nothing like the normal standard of RMW. It's such a shame.

So much so that I've now gone and bought two pairs of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots.......


This is also one reason why I WOULD NOT buy them. RMW is Australian, it's that simple.

I truly think that LVMH's influence on this great Australian brand will slowly kill one of the final great success stories left in our manufacturing sector.


Would love to hear some other impressions if you get the chance to see & handle them.


rrp AUD$550

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I need to buy a new pair of RM Williams boots. I have my old ones which I love, but they are getting too worn out. However, I don't remember which model it is, so perhaps you can help me identify it. I suspect its Blaxland, but the front part of my shoes seems rounder.




Any help is greatly appreciated! I tried a new pair of Blaxlands yesterday and they felt quite a bit different. The bottom part was way more noticeable, but perhaps its because they are new and the leather is still very tight.

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How did you get the storm welt put on? 

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Man that's super disappointing about the commando boot! I was particularly keen on the suede commando sole version but if it's made in Romania then I won't be going for it. Especially with that price tag

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I thought I would post this here as well



How tight should the toebox be for a pair of leather boots? or even leather shoes? (but this question is specifically for boots if there is more than one answer)


I have a pair of RM williams boots and i was thinking of getting a new pair and sizing up 1/2 a size. My current pair, i can stand on the balls of my feet, but it feels slightly cramped in the toe area when i do, like there isn't truely enough room there. compared to my sneakers and another pair of dress shoes, i have no problems at all at the toebox area. i have normal D width feet if it helps.


for my boots, everything else fits normally, just the toe area concerns me. what does styleforum say about that?

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I think your idea of going a half size up is a good one. I don't normally like my toes feeling too jammed up in any shoes, particularly RMW. A nice firm fit across the instep will keep the fit firm but might allow your toes that extra bit of breathing space. You may also try dropping to a narrower width if you fear losing some of the 'snugness' of going up the half size?

I've also owned RMs that we're probably a fraction small in the toebox so i know what you're feeling. At the end of the day it's what ever you feel comfortable in. It's easy to agonise over 'fit' (as I do), but one's own feet aren't always identical in length or width (mine aren't. Eeek), so little compromises (tightness or looseness here and there) are ok.

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I'd say that shoes can be snug but should never be tight. Since most areas break in over time a very snug (almost tight) fit of new shoes is acceptable but the toe box does not change with wear due to the plastic toe cap piece. Therefore I would not buy shoes that are uncomfortable in that area.

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I've been a lurker on this forum for awhile, but there is something I can't seem to find any information on. Is this RM Williams seller on ebay authentic? I'm asking since no one here has mentioned them. They're also listed as Boots online. Is there a connection between this site and the one I've linked to? I'm from Norway and over here they retail for 762 AUD compared to this seller who sells them for 300 AUD.



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Picking up a pair as a gift for next week - my first pair!


Will report back my findings. I enjoy oiled leather and appreciate the ability to bounce between formal and casual, so I think this will be a good fit style-wise. Hope the sizing works out, I'm an 11.5D/E in dress shoes and went with a 10H. 

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Just ordered a pair of Blaxlands in the rum color. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I have a couple of pairs of Craftmans already (black and suede) but I'd like to get something a little more casual (less shiny with rubber soles) for bad weather / walking city streets / bars / to wear w/ jeans. I wear an 11F and I think they all come in that size but I'm not sure which would hold up best.

Any recommendations among these:





Kangaroo Comfort Craftsman:


Comfort Allrounder:

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I'm looking at ordering some chestnut Craftsman boots with a dynamic sole. It looks like veal leather is only $50 more than yearling on Nungar but I'm waiting to confirm they will be able to order it with the dynamic sole instead of the regular leather.


Do you think it would be a good choice to order in veal if its primarily a work shoe (hospital environment, smart dress but not financial/ law firm dressy) and for smart casual wear?

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Brown Kip Gardener with Roy "all ducks"

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Does anyone have any recommendations for treating brand new boots? Is it recommended? Should I polish them prior to wearing them? 


Also, my right foot is a half size smaller than my left. What would be a good insole to put in my right boot to take up some volume? 





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