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Originally Posted by milw50717 View Post

This ?


I'd be interested too

I've been absent from this thread for hike. Has there been any update on this boot
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Anyone knows what toe is this shape? It seems a narrower toe between Macquarie and Millicent.


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They're ladies' boots...
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Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley View Post

They're ladies' boots...

lol, i was going to say he's got weird tastes.
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To me it's just like a combination of western boots and dress boots....


BTW anyone knows?

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I'm thinking of getting a pair of Craftsman in veal calf, but I can't seem to find any OTR off the sites usually frequented. Is MTM the only way to do it?

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Bought a pair of Craftman two weeks ago. After wearing them three or four times for a couple of hours, the insole is already dissolving. I have a pair I bought six years ago and the still insole looks better than this. Either the quality of RM William boots worsened or this is a pair that is badly manufactured.

What do you think? Anybody with similar experiences?


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That's the heel pad, not the insole. Just stick it back down with something like shoe goo.

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Hey everyone, I would really, really appreciate some sizing advice. I have been searching this thread for a couple hours but can't find anything conclusive enough as I've never tried on any AE or Alden shoes so I don't know my size in brands like that. I'd look to order a suede pair of comfort craftsman boots. I wear
10.5 in iron Rangers
10.5 in wolverine 1ks
11.5 in sperrys
10 in bean boots
12 in most Nike runners
12 in most new balance made in USA runners

Any sizing advice would be greatly appreciated
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Really silly question.

I have a Singaporean buddy who has really, really wide feet. On a lark, he bought a pair of RMs, the only pair in extra wide in his size, at the Sydney airport and realized they fit really well. The problem is, he left the box and lost the receipt, so he has no idea what model and size he got. There seems to be a circle with a "7" on the soles, so he thinks he got a 7 extra wide in brown yearling. He loves them, except the extra wide size means they do not look sleek at all.

He wants to buy 2-3 pairs more from Singapore. How would you advise him to figure out his size and what three pairs (model, leather, sole) would you recommend to him?

Do all RMs chelsea boot models come in extra wide? And should he order a narrower size in kangaroo leather without trying them on first?
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Get him to take a photo of the sole, they write the size on the bottom.  If it says something like 7H, then that'd be the size he buys.


In fact, get him to take photos of them, since they might be one of several types - e.g. Comfort Craftsman and Craftsman are different enough, even though they're both Craftsmans.

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I'll ask him for photos. From what he said, I suspect he bought the Tambo in dark brown. He said the boots have rubber soles and do not say what width, which matches the Tambo, which only comes in extra wide. It looked like a wider chisel toe version of the Craftsman (so it looked a little blobby instead of sleek), which also matches the Tambo. He said the salesperson said the model he tried was the only one with that width and the Craftsman he tried was too narrow.

For what it's worth, he loves knowing its a wholecut and being able to pass them off as dress shoes while wiggling his toes a little in them.
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I am having a really hard time finding the right fit here. I am generally an american size 10D.

I just received macquaries in 9 medium in the mail and the toe box and heel feel great, but the midfoot is not snugly gripping the middle of my foot. There are sort of bulges in the middle where my foot is not touching the leather.

Is this normal? Should I try sizing down and risking a too-tight toebox? Or is this something that will even out over time
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I could not polish out the scuffs on these whiskey craftsmen, and customer returns at RMW offered to look at them. They came back with the scuffs reasonably covered, but after a few days wear (nothing out of the ordinary, I don't ride the bike with them or have a pet leopard), they are back. I have tried every sort of polish (RM tan, sapphir creme, some other from a cobbler), and it does not touch them. A bit of patina is no big deal, but imagine what these would look like after a few months or year's wear...Does anyone have any suggestions a) to cover them b) what the fault with them might otherwise be? RM customer service is having another look at them, and they have been very helpful, but I just am curious to hear what others think. 

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I wear my boots everywhere and this happens. You can go two ways, not care, and let them get mad scuffs on them (quite the in look for casual), or keep polishing them regularly and wear them as is and limit future damage. 


I'm never too precious about my boots. Love them, wear them, enjoy life.

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