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Hi Bullitt, Does the new Comfort Craftsman have a removable insoles? My new ones do and the insoles seem to alter the size a bit. My old ynamic Flex Comfort Craftsman is 9.5H, while my old Comfort Craftsman is 9G.
The new ones I bought are 9G with the removable insoles, and it feels like half a size smaller. It's still new so can't really tell until I wear them in.

I believe only the dynamic flex boots have a removable insole. My Comfort Craftsman don’t.

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Are these just a standard chestnut comfort craftsman? It may be the light but it just doesn't look like chestnut to me. it looks so much richer than a standard chestnut cc.

They are rum yearling Comfort Craftsman.

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I'd swear by looking t it the blacks are a wide fit as mine are shaped the same.
Being a single piece of leather they will give in terms of width.

You are right. Thanks for pointing this out. I compared them with a friends wide-fitting Craftsman yesterday.
When I bought the black pair many years ago, they came in a box that was labeled as regular fitting. I don’t have particularly wide feet, but the RMW wide fit is more comfortable. Will have to exchange them.
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