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Another good word for Steve at Nungar - placed an order for MTO turnouts on 8th of August, got a call today (21st) that they're ready and he's shipped them off to me. Should be here in the next few days.


I think if you can call him on the phone, he's great - via email he doesn't seem to be so reliable.

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Interesting stuff about Nungar. Competetive prices. Just as competetive as on


As I haven't ordered RM Williams before, I'm curious as to what the public here concider best for a first-time buyer. Go for domestic or European seller or straight to the source? I've been recommended size and width I'm contemplating ordering directly from Australia. There's always a secondary market for BNIB RM Williams in Sweden so I wouldn't bother sending the boots back, shouldn't they for some reason not be for me.


My main concern is however that, when adding several items to my cart on I get struck with additional cost of freight per item (50USD). This will have a negative impact on import and duties as it will add expense to get them into Sweden. I'm affraid that there, in the end, won't be no arbitrage from ordering directly from the source, as opposed to order from a close retailer to whom it will be cheap to return the boots. Hence, my questions:


- Do anyone know how to minimize cost of freight, import and duties?

- Which retailer in Australia should one choose?


Thanks for your time.

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There was a fella that chimed in quite regularly here a while back by the name of amce.


If I recall correctly, he was living in Sweden and bought a fair few pairs of RMs - he could most likely point you in the right direction.


Based on what I've read, I would try Bootsonline and Aussiebush hats before Nungar if you will be corresponding via email.


Perhaps send bootsonline an email and check to see if the additional $50 charges are a glitch of some sort?

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I have always used Aussie Bush Hats in Cairns Queensland, Australia for my last pair purchased, the service is really superb and the prices are just as brilliant as the other 2 operators. Easy simple and straight forward transaction.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to great communications with the order and postal tracking when the order is sent.

Send then an email and you can be better off with the great prices offered.
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I have just started wearing the Yearling Craftsman and I can not believe it has taken me so long to get a pair of these boots.


I am fortunate enough to live in South Australia and can buy direct from the factory. I am considering setting up a small project and offering the boots for sale, possibly via eBay. They will be brand new and I should be able to offer them for around $299 AUD. its just an idea at this stage but if anyone would be interested let me know.


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If you could provide me with a 7F with minimal cost of duties and freight then I would definitely recommend you to everyone I know who want to dress themselves in RM Williams.

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Silhouette I am just about to send you a PM with some details. As mentioned Iv just thrown this out there so give me a few days to work out what I can do.

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Solirossi, would these be seconds or first quality?
Also, are you able to get customs made up for that price or is it just stuff they have already made up?

I'm going to be in Adelaide in October so will probably head out to the factory seconds shop and try my luck.
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Just the stuff they have made up DesmondD.


It is from the Seconds outlet, but it is not seconds stock. They have two lots of stock in there. 


Seconds stock with slight blemishes.


Stock that is made specifically for the seconds shop, but has no flaws, I believe they are made with excess leather from MTO. This is the stuff to get.


If you are going to be in Adelaide then I suggest just get in there yourself and have a look, great service and staff and brilliant products.


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Tops- thanks mate... You never know, I might be interested a bit further on down the track.

I'm sure there'll be some on here that will be keen to take advantage of your offer though.

Hope it works out that you can make a little bit of coin out of it!
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Desmond you've been helpful in the past. Might I ask you if you're Aussie yourself? Not that it's relevant to this discussion.

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Yep, I'm an Aussie (wa) and only just getting an introduction to rm to be honest. My first pair should arrive today or tomorrow with a bit of luck.

I've read through this entire thread in the month that I've been waitin for them haha.
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Originally Posted by DJackson View Post

Nungar in my experience has a history of spotty communication at best, but trustworthy nonetheless.

That's great to hear! I was getting worried so I gave Steve a call and he was rather helpful about it all.
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I'm thinking of getting these:


I was wondering what the actual difference between boot trees like those and shoe trees were, beyond the obvious "one is for boots and one is for shoes." Would an M be the right size for 8G macquaries?  

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Can anyone tell me if the different models require a different size? Ie, I have 2 pairs of comfort craftsman in 8.5G and I'm thinking of getting a pair of the maquarie. They have a narrower toe so do I need to go up a little bit in size?

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