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Originally Posted by upnorth View Post
I am contemplating either a pair of C&J Chelsea in Chestnut or RM Williams Craftsman. Since C&J ships for free, the overall cost is only about $30 more than a pair of RM Williams Craftsman, considering also that the pound has fallen vis a vis the Aussie dollar.

Is the leather and construction for Bench grade C&J boots better than RM Williams and worth the (very small) premium in price?

My 2¢: AFAIK the C&J is not a wholecut. RM's are. IMO a Chelsea should be a wholecut.

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I don't know any real advantage to a wholecut other than the fact that a larger piece of leather with flawless surface area has to be chosen. This is represented by an absence of seam under the side gussets.

However, it still has rear seams so I feel the meaning of a wholecut is lost. I would be more interested in a comparison in the quality of the leather used for both as well as overall construction.
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I own the Chepstow C&J Chukkas which I've had for about 5 years in black cavalry leather with a dainite sole. I think that my RMW Comfort Turnout in black yearling leather is made as well, minus the storm welt on the Chepstow (which is very well done and subtle). The leathers are different and I think that the leathers used by RMW on their RTW line are high quality but they are different than leathers used by C&J benchgrade.

I really like C&J and if their lasts fit you better than RMW's you should go with it. The C&J 325 last fits me well around my instep and forefoot but not in my heel and ankle area where that part of my foot is on the narrow side. The C&J Chelsea 5 in their 335 last (which I have not tried on) is something I would consider if that last fit me better than RMW.
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Originally Posted by amce View Post
My 2¢: AFAIK the C&J is not a wholecut. RM's are. IMO a Chelsea should be a wholecut.



The overall end product is superior IMO as a wholecut.
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I have been using which is a retail shop and online business. Came across them on holiday in Mooloolaba
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The macquaries have arrived.
Yearling chestnut with sewn leather welted soul.
Very happy with them.
I've worn them a handful of times now. Fit perfectly so thanks to all those who helped out in that regard.
Here are links to the pics - I'm not so flash at being able post pics.
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Sizing issues A wouldnt say I've fallen out with RMW boots - far from it! But my sizing experience hasnt been great. 1. My store bought Craftsman and Macquarie boots at 7.5G with the sewn welted sole are a perfect fit so..., one could assume that one takes size 7.5G boots 2. My mail order purchased Craftsman and Macquarie boots at 7.5G with the brass screwed sole are too tight. I was using the word 'snug' previously, but there's too much manouvering to get the foot in the boot, and they're not comfortable for all day wear, whereas the others are. 3. My mail order purchased Buckle boots at 7.5G (one with brass screwed sole, and the other with sewn welt leather sole) are too loose. I think I read on here someone using the word baggy - which is a perfect descriptive. The screwed sole are slightly better fit, but on the whole this is not a good boot for me. The problem area is shown in the attached pic. My collection therefore is far from complete and consequently I'm selling the 4 items that make up 2 and 3 above. The question is what to buy....? I'd like a claret boot and a black boot to compliment my Craftsman Chestnut. This particular boot is one of the perfect fit ones and although I think the brass screwed sole gives the boot an overall better look, I darent try the size up by one and drop width by two as the OP here says. I ran that sizing up / sizing down theory past bootsonline, and this is what they came back with. "I have just checked with RM Williams factory who assure me that both welted soles and screwed soles are made on the SAME last. There will be no difference in size between your two new pairs of Craftsman and Macquarie boots and your older pairs." Current inventory - Craftsman Chestnut sewn welted sole - Macquarie Black sewn welted sole On the want list - Craftsman Claret sewn welted sole - Craftsman Black sewn welted sole On the for sale list - Craftsman Claret brass screwed sole - Macquarie Black brass screwed sole - French veal - Buckle Chestnut brass screwed sole - Kangaroo - Buckle Black sewn welt sole - Kangaroo
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Sorry if this has been covered here before, but I'm wondering how you guys go about placing orders for MTO boots? Do you order directly from RMW or do you go through someone else? I emailed RMW directly in Feb 09 to ask about the MTO Drover Boots and never received a reply. So in March I asked Barry at Boots Online about the same boots, and after a few weeks he said "I am unable to get an answer from RM Williams in regard to the Drover boot". I tried RMW again in May and didn't get any response or acknowledgement of my inquiry. That experience certainly didn't instill any confidence in dealing with RMW for custom orders, so I'm curious how other people are getting MTO boots.
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I ordered through and they were great. Replied to emails within a few hours and kept me updated. That was for a macquarie so I'm not too sure about the Drover boot though.
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Aren't the Drovers now called the Lachlan? I ordered a pair of Lachalans from Barry - they are incredible Unfortunately got a wide size which I certainly wish was not the case Like 'em enough to get another pair and will likely get rid of the wides on ebay or around here 6.5 H if anyone interested - brown
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Barry's site does say the Lachlan was "Previously known as Drover", but that's not the boot RMW lists in their current catalogue and website as "The Drover". The link below shows the boot I was interested in. It's a top boot with a distressed mocha leather.
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Finally ordered my Macquaries from bootsonline..we shall see...excited
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Originally Posted by Sixth_Sense View Post
Finally ordered my Macquaries from bootsonline..we shall see...excited

I was interested to hear that they can do a Macquarie in Claret, which doesnt appear as an option in the catalogue.

I have ordered 3 times from Bootsonline, and their service is very good, plus they always deliver sooner than they say - i.e. Buckle Boot quoted 10 weeks on two seperate orders and both times they arrived in under six weeks.
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Are brass-screwed sole more flexible? I have this issue with my Craftsman, when they're resting, the toe-cap area of the shoe is bent upwards and totally deforms the shoe.. Makes it look really ugly and short (or could this be a length issue?) . I guess I really need some boot-trees.

My 7F brass-screwed buckle boots finally arrived and they seem to fit fine so far... haven't walked in them outside yet though, trying to decide if they are too narrow.
I think the B543 last looks the best on these.


Trying to imagine what the Forum Special combined with Buckle Boot will look like... yay / nay?
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btw is this crease in the heel (due to the heel cap, or whatever it's called) pretty much unavoidable if you choose kangaroo leather?
I have the same thing on my pair.
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