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sorry guys, i was more interested in ways people went about losing weight in a quick manner; or what methods they found to be most effective in a short time frame.

I've done 8 pounds in 24 hours. I ate egg whites, tuna and water with salt and sugar for 12 hours. then nothing. It was for a submission wrestling competition, I had to make weight. I was fainting for two weeks afterwards. I don't recommend it, and it doesn't last that long.

Best thing I can recommend is make sure you're getting enough fibre, and don't eat 5 hours before you sleep. Gives you a chance to digest everything before sleeping. Don't excercise within 2 hours after eating. You won't digest as well and you get muscle spasms. Drink lots of water. Don't do caffeine, you'll dehydrate yourself and screw your kidneys, long term that'll be worse for your weight, you'll be less able to get rid of toxins, which means you'll need more fat to get rid of the fat solluble toxins you're building up. You already identified part of the problem with eating junk food. Stop. It'll be a lot easier than anything else you try.