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New jay kos

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For those in NYC, Jay Kos has just opened a new location on the east side of Park Ave. between 57th and 58th. It's a touch more user-friendly than their other location, which is kind of like an overpriced, overstuffed attic. Merchandise now is displayed like any store that's asking for a lot of money for clothes -- odd how that makes a difference, at least to me. Anyway, they have Edward Greens (no Westons) and, as Uptown, lots of their own labeled stuff -- sweaters, shirts, jackets and suits. I tried mightily to get the name of the Italian tailors who make their suits and jackets. I was told they were 4th generation tailors (for whatever that's worth) and that the only product they make for the US market is for Jay Kos. When I point blank asked for the name they said they wouldn't give it out and that other retailers have tried to get the name, especially Purple Label. I noted that the sleeve lining had the same yellow and black stripes that a St. Andrews suit and Arnys jacket I own have, the youngish fellow who looked to be in charge told me "they're of a much higher quality." I assured him I was not with the trade, but that didn't make any difference. The jackets were fairly unconstructed (half lined, no padding) and had a fairly lean cut. They seemed a little longer and not as boxy as an Attolini, but a little thinner than Kiton. All 2 button, interestingly. Actually I found it to have the same cut as my St. Andrews, but of much higher quality. The wool flannel jackets were $2400 (a bit less than Kiton or Attolini, no?) Several corduroy suits and jackets. Several very attractive tweeds. Not to many standard business suits. I find their coloring to be fairly bright and well-done for an American store.
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Does the Jay Kos store also have an improved "attitude" to go with the improved store? Probably not.
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Regarding Kos's way over-priced "bespoke" garments, I heard from a tailor who is in-the-know that his bespoke stuff is crap. By the way, Kos is a dental school drop out and not a tailor.
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Does the Jay Kos store also have an improved "attitude" to go with the  improved store?  Probably not.
Well the older fellow that was helping me was friendly and helpful, not a problem at all. The aforementioned younger guy seemed a trifle snotty. Maybe you're speaking about something else, but in my occasional trips Uptown the attitude seemed to be "don't ask questions, just trust us, shut up and buy." But that may have to do with my own annoying nature and need for lots of information before I part with my own limited funds. In any event, I have never found it to be a welcoming environment, which is unfortunate given their rather good merchandise.
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