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Is this Fake Hugo Boss?

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Are any of these belts fakes?



Good feedback for the most part but still a bit sketch.

Is there any way to easily tell apart replicas from real boss wear in IRL/EBAY?
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probably. belts are the easiest thing to counterfeit and most people buy them for the logos. When they get their crappy belts they give good feedback cause the logo is there and they're not educated enough to tell the difference between the fake and the real thing. I have yet to see a belt gift set in a real store... The idea of putting a $150 belt in a wooden box is pretty stupid. Counterfeiters on ebay go to more trouble replicating the labels and packaging of their goods than the actual manufacture of them because it fools the lay person in to believing they're authentic.
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yah I thought so.. it dind't make sense to store belts in a box I always see the boss belts just on a rack.

How about the one not in a box?

I'd pay up to like $60,70 for an authentic Boss Belt but it seems like it's all or nothing
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Yes; everything that guy is selling is fake. Just check out the Gucci and Armani belts he has for sale.
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How about the first link with the germany guy that says he's selling 100% authentic items?

The price is pretty steep compartively but I still think it's 50/50 fake considering the one or two feedbacks that say it is
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First counterfeit Pink shirts, now fake Boss belts. Will wonders never cease?
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especially when their selling (w/shipping) them for retail less $20
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