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Gravity was insane. One of the most awe inspiring and yet stressful movies I have ever seen.

Make sure to see it in theaters, the sound and the score are really integral to the experience.
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Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

Gravity was insane. One of the most awe inspiring and yet stressful movies I have ever seen.

Make sure to see it in theaters, the sound and the score are really integral to the experience.

Great movie to see at an IMAX in 3D.
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I don't keep with international films. just mainstream redface.gif

Daniel Craig was good, but I have to give it up to Rooney Mara. What a badass in the film

= Hollywood, you mean?

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Killer Joe. There's a lot to like here (McConaughey's performance, the detailed setting) but it's also a deeply unpleasant movie in a lot of ways. Recommended for fans of the really dark stuff.
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The imminent Le Week-End could be interesting. Jim Broadbent is usually divine. And Jeff Goldbloom has been underused by directors.

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Gravity was great. Really great. Can't really say anything else because I don't want to spoil the fun.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Thought they handled the unbelievable issues really well.

Things like being able to operate the chinese pod despite it being in chinese and slightly different made sense because they had designed the narrative to force her through those actions in the Soyuz first while she had a manual (undocking, blowing it open for reentry). And as w/a mentioned on facebook, basically everyone they send into space is already a genius.

Sounds seemed to mostly occur when there was a means of transmission (apart from a few near misses of shrapnel that made inexplicable noises)--sounds inside the suit, or sounds that you might feel as vibrations coming through the stuff the suit is touching.

The spacesuits were fishy though. I don't know much about the russian suits(so maybe it is reasonable) but I thought the american suits had to be made to fit you perfectly (otherwise you would have zero joint mobility) and were not something you can really get into and out of by yourself. I'd buy getting out in zero G (if you can reach the latches) since you could wiggle out, but the Soyuz just happened to have a suit, that fit her and she was able to get herself into and do fine work with her hands (reading books, operating tools). Also, very convenient that they had a space-ratchet with the right sized socket for the parachute (but I'd buy that they maintain tools in the Soyuz and that they make an effort to standardize the nut and bolt sizes used on spacecraft).

Not that there aren't things you just have to look over (like those stations being nowhere near the telescope or the the Chinese station not really being a big thing with extra escape pods), but you'd think there'd be away around the suit. She already had a perfectly good US suit. I don't know what it takes to refill the oxygen, but presumably she could plug into something to recharge or grab a fresh canister aboard the ISS...instead she strips out of the suit which makes maneuvering in the station easier but seems silly considering she is about to get into an escape pod and that her end goal involves transitioning into the chinese station which might require another space walk.

Still not a fan of 3D though (although it sounds like maybe the 3d effect isn't as strong in IMAX)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I never like 3D since it is noticeably not real (the depth of field is probably what kills it for me..if it were really 3d, things wouldn't be in focus when you weren't looking at them), but I thought it might work well with this since a lot of the shots are essentially one thing floating against a backdrop focused at infinity.

But there were some big annoyances...overbearing 3D stuff that felt like you were in a Disneyworld theater with the moving seats and early 3D circa 1996. People reaching out of the never works. It doesn't make you feel like you are actually there since if you were there, this asshole wouldn't be sticking his hand in your face. The tear drop was a little overboard too...the 3D illusion breaks down with such shallow depth of field--if it were real, you could control your focus between her face and the teardrop, so your eyes freak out when the tear drop is forced to come into focus and they still want to look at her face.

The shrapnel got obnoxious. They send a few pieces straight at your eyes and I certainly flinched and saw other people flinching. They did this way *WAY* too many times.
I think it could have actually worked pretty well if they stabbed you in the eye once and then you spent the rest of the movie praying that you wouldn't have that happen again. That might actually add to the feeling of panic--you are thrown into a situation where you have no control over avoiding the shrapnel and you have to just hope it misses you. We've already established that getting hit will kill you for certain, and we've establish a physical distaste by poking you in the eye with a piece, so why not let the rest of the shrapnel scenes be you tensing up and gripping your seat hoping that that shit doesn't hit you in the eye again?
Instead they keep pelting with you with them in a way that is obnoxious and distracting (and lets be honest, if you were actually there and got pelted with them, you would be dead and no longer having you actually get "hit" doesn't make sense).

Also, I hated the splash of water right at the end. It probably stuck with me because it was the last 3D effect before the credits but it was just tacky. She splashes into the water and some droplets land on the camera lens...they proceed to hang around on the lens in their full 3D glory for quite a while. Just distracted from the actual acting that was going on.

Finally, not directly related to the 3D effects, but more the process. You lose so much brightness and contrast when you go 3D (since each eye only observes half of the available light). I slid my glasses off during a few scenes where there wasn't any strong 3D in play and the images were much more vivid. Given the subject matter, I think the additional dynamic range would have made it much more stunning. It may be worth seeing it in IMAX for this reason alone (IIRC, IMAX theaters can get a little more dynamic range with more powerful projectors).

So might suggest imax if its an option (there were only bad seats left last night so I went to the reserved-seat normal theater where I could have perfect seats). It's expensive as hell, but around here once you are seeing something in 3D at the reserved seat theater (so you have to pay the fees to book online in advance), its not that much more expensive. 3 bucks a ticket more would be worth it if the 3D is a little more muted and the dynamic range is stronger.

Bottom line, see it in a theater, preferably an IMAX or a recently built/renovated theater with the good digital audio (Dolby Atmos?) and projection setups.
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The African Queen...


Somewhat corny, but fun to watch.  Gotta love Bogart and Hepburn...


A couple of observations:  they never seem to eat and he never loads enough firewood to keep the boiler going.


A classic for sure...

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watched pain and gain last night. thought it was great, and what a helluva fascinating story.
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Nature,Mr Allnut, is what we were placed in this world to rise above
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Originally Posted by englade321 View Post

Nature,Mr Allnut, is what we were placed in this world to rise above

Great line.

I saw Gravity last night as well, also in a "regular" 3D theater with Dolby Atmos. I really enjoyed it, I just wish they hadn't used Clooney and Bullock. Neither of them has any range whatsoever, so the whole film rests on their likability rather than any real pathos.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

At least they killed Clooney. I was hoping they'd kill Bullock in the end, but it is a Hollywood movie after all.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

watched pain and gain last night. thought it was great, and what a helluva fascinating story.

Saw it last night too. Agreed, it's a crazy story.

'I've watched a lot of movies; I know what I'm doing!'

I hadn't heard much about it and I didn't catch it at the beginning (if it was there), so I was a bit surprised to see 'Michael Bay' on the end credits. Definitely his most offbeat movie, though when looking back you can recognise some of his 'style'.

A quote from a review on RT:

'Lugo and his confederates feitishized the human body, were steeped in misogyny, and had scant intelligence, emotional or otherwise. Their story is brought to the screen by Michael Bay.'

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my man! that was probs my favorite line. i still cant believe the story is real. and i thought bay did a great job with it, really good watch. tony shaloub was also excellent.
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The movie which I am watching now is "X man" which is my favorite too.

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Addicted to love. Masterpiece. Adoring Ms Ryan.

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