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Had basically the same feeling about Bling Ring. The company I work for sponsored the movie in Italy, so I felt some kind of interest in seeing it... and was utterly disappointed as well. I also expected there to be more character development and a "crash and burn" effect during the second half. Maybe that didn't happen because this is based on a true story. This is how it actually went down. And the most disturbing part was when the girl interviews at the end: she was the ringleader, but also the ultimate manipulator, and we only start to realize to what point she is evil in the last few seconds of the movie. It left me feeling empty.


Spring Breakers, on the other hand, is one I've been avoiding, not even watching when there's nothing else. Now, based on your comment... maybe I will watch it after all.

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Saw The Prisoners last night . If any movie can be described as "gripping" it's this one
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Anyone seen this?


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I would hope so... This is one of Ford's and Wayne's best work, I love it smile.gif

re-watched this recently, and all I can say is, it is still as powerful and intense as back then..

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Originally Posted by Nikos View Post

I watched La Notte recently and loved it. L'Avventura is next.

L'Avventura is the best of the Antonioni films in Italian, although Blow-Up is imo the best overall.
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Il Grido holds up, I find.

For Antonioni's English language films, I prefer The Passenger to Blow Up, as good as it is. The final scene in the former is astounding.

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Lots of movies lately.

After Earth. Popcorn.
Hangover III. Popcorn.
Identity Thief. Popcorn.
Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.). Popcorn.
World War Z. Popcorn/good.
Attack the Block. Good.
Coffee Town. Good.
Now You See Me. Good.
Oblivion. Good/very good.
Warm Bodies. Good/very good.
This Is The End. Good/very good.
Mud. Very good.
The East. Very good.
The Kings of Summer. Very good.

Next in line is Cloud Atlas. It's just so long..
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Originally Posted by Jl29 View Post

The Worlds End. It was a pretty good movie, comedy. I enjoyed all the other movies, this held up.
Looking forward to this. Love the Cornetto trilogy (or at least the first two parts).
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Enjoyed Cloud Atlas very much. Guess I'll watch it again soon.
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Watched the end of Real Steel with my 4 year old nephew. When it was over he took off his pants, put them on over his head and started hitting himself with a cardboard brick.

Seems like a perfectly appropriate response to me.
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The Last Stand. Good.
Jack Reacher. Good.
Oz. Popcorn/good.

Gonna give It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia a try.
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Silver Lining Playbook was fun
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Watched Anna Karenina while playign on my laptop. Movie was all sorts of WTF. Tried too hard imo.
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Shame - Fantastic movie. Fassbender is an amazing actor and McQueen is just as good of a director. I've been meaning to see Hunger for awhile and now it looks like its been put on the short list.
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