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Saw The Prisoners last night . If any movie can be described as "gripping" it's this one
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Anyone seen this?


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I would hope so... This is one of Ford's and Wayne's best work, I love it smile.gif

re-watched this recently, and all I can say is, it is still as powerful and intense as back then..

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Originally Posted by Nikos View Post

I watched La Notte recently and loved it. L'Avventura is next.

L'Avventura is the best of the Antonioni films in Italian, although Blow-Up is imo the best overall.
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Il Grido holds up, I find.

For Antonioni's English language films, I prefer The Passenger to Blow Up, as good as it is. The final scene in the former is astounding.

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Lots of movies lately.

After Earth. Popcorn.
Hangover III. Popcorn.
Identity Thief. Popcorn.
Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.). Popcorn.
World War Z. Popcorn/good.
Attack the Block. Good.
Coffee Town. Good.
Now You See Me. Good.
Oblivion. Good/very good.
Warm Bodies. Good/very good.
This Is The End. Good/very good.
Mud. Very good.
The East. Very good.
The Kings of Summer. Very good.

Next in line is Cloud Atlas. It's just so long..
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Originally Posted by Jl29 View Post

The Worlds End. It was a pretty good movie, comedy. I enjoyed all the other movies, this held up.
Looking forward to this. Love the Cornetto trilogy (or at least the first two parts).
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Enjoyed Cloud Atlas very much. Guess I'll watch it again soon.
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Watched the end of Real Steel with my 4 year old nephew. When it was over he took off his pants, put them on over his head and started hitting himself with a cardboard brick.

Seems like a perfectly appropriate response to me.
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The Last Stand. Good.
Jack Reacher. Good.
Oz. Popcorn/good.

Gonna give It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia a try.
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Silver Lining Playbook was fun
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Watched Anna Karenina while playign on my laptop. Movie was all sorts of WTF. Tried too hard imo.
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Shame - Fantastic movie. Fassbender is an amazing actor and McQueen is just as good of a director. I've been meaning to see Hunger for awhile and now it looks like its been put on the short list.
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