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Thanks, K. One question, how was the pacing?
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Rather slow, but it's less than 1½ hours.
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i figured that would be the case. doubt ill watch it. thanks!
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I have been rewatching the Cowboy Bebop series. So fucking good!
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 I can't wait to watch new (and final frown.gif) Breaking Bad series.

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I am at this moment listening to Terry Gross interview the actor who plays Walts attorney Saul Goodman
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I didn't realize Breaking Bad was being made into a movie.
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Originally Posted by MrG View Post

I didn't realize Breaking Bad was being made into a movie.

you need to watch more, E!.
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Just came back from this: - holy neon coloured mayhem! The trailer looked like fun, reviews were good and it has Idris Elba (his UK TV series Luther was great), but what a letdown. Corny script, forgettable characters and awful acting; the audience even laughed at how bad it was in several scenes that weren't supposed to be funny at all. Easily the worst movie I've seen at the cinema for a long time. How something this bad can get the scores it has (7.7 on IMDB, 71% on RT) is mind boggling and enough to make one lose faith in those sites.

On the plus side, the CGI is pretty impressive at times and it's fun to spot the various inspirations (a little bit of the corniness from Starship Troopers (which is high on my list of guilty pleasures), futuristic rainy Hong Kong design Blade Runner style, pilot suit design from Mass Effect, hangar set design (and a lot of other stuff) heavily inspired by StarCraft, inter pilot rivalry from Top Gun, etc).
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Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post

So I just finished Only God Forgives. When I first learned about it, my plan was to avoid it as I didn't really like Drive, but my curiosity got the better of me.

It was pretty much exactly as horrible as I had expected, both in subject matter and as a piece of entertainment. On the plus side, it had a ton of beautifully framed shots. I'm guessing that it also precisely achieves it's intended atmosphere, it's just a rather grim (and graphically violent) one. Obviously, Refn aren't concerned with having any likable characters for you to identify with, but it makes for a rather unpleasant viewing.

In the end, apart from satiating my curiosity, I would probably have been better off listening to my instincts and avoided this one.

(Also, if I hadn't been to Thailand and loved it, this movie would really make me want to never go there.)


I also watched this a couple of days ago. Very accurate description.

Plus, somehow it also reminded me more of Valhalla, rather than Drive.

Stitch, I would strongly recommend to avoid this, unless you are not a hardcore Refn fan.

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^^ thanks ^^


watched 2 guns. lots of fun. would recommend.
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Thread Starter 
2 Guns.

2 cute and 2 long.
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you suck.

its certainly not vying for any awards, but was definitely a fun and enjoyable movie.
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I watched Shame again. One of the better films I've seen in the last couple of years.


I particularly liked this scene, for reasons I cannot explain with my poor English:



Another interesting movie I watched recently is Like Someone in Love.

My first Kiarostami film, maybe not typical of his work. I will certainly watch more.


I suspect these two might have already been discussed in this thread.

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Blue velvet was on this morning...i need to watch it again
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