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Recent viewings:

The Andromeda Strain
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Dr. Strangelove

My wife is doing a 101 tasks in 1001 days thing from Tumblr, and one of them is to watch ten "classic" movies from before 1980. On the to watch list are also The Seven Year Itch, Casablanca, and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
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Saw these two on a flight

End of watch. Really liked this. Sad ending though.

Broken city. Not very good.
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yeah, EOW ending was super sad, but i thought the movie was awesome.

i was hoping BC would be good, wanted to see that.
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Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 View Post

I liked the non-3D version and I haven't heard any reviews to make me want to see it in 3D (nothing to suggest it adds anything)

for me it just added that subtle dash of migraine which really does intensify the whole movie experience...

Saw it again in 2D as I had to stumble off the earlier one. Solid film but not spectacular imo.

What I've watched recently:

12 Monkeys

out of which the last one wasn't particularly great, but at least highly accurate regarding all the little details.
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post
Damn. This was great! Thank you Lefty.


Glad you enjoyed it. Lloyd was an exceptional physical comedian with nearly perfect timing.



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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

I opted for 2D for Gatsby (which was Ok, not great but not terrible). I'm pretty sure I would have found the 3D stuff intrusive and distracting (in a film that already has a few other intrusive, distracting gimmicks*). In 2D, there were a few moments of "oh, that shot clearly was set up that way to cater to 3D", but on the whole it was fine from that perspective.

I'm not a big fan of unnecessary framing devices and reliance on narrative voice-overs, both of which the movie uses as crutches.

couldnt agree more... the scene with the white curtains flowing every where?
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If Ides of March is any indication of how real politics work, I am really sad about all the interns
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^^ i loved that movie ^^

did not get to see any movies today. frown.gif
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The Stoning of Soraya M. 2008 (Click to show)


Brutal true story, and not for sensitive viewers. Be warned.
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The best offer


Loved it.

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Wasted what felt like 4 hours of my life on Parker. With a cast that features actors from The Shield and The Wire, it's pretty disappointing. The movie can basically be summed up in five words: punches, kicks, Jennifer Lopez's ass.
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whats the problem? all of those things sound entertaining? tongue.gif
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star trek: into darkness. non 3D. i really enjoyed it. besides the opening sequence, that part was absolute shit. after that it was great.
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I think I like Star Trek too much to rate Into Darkness very highly. Then again, I know my order from I to XII.

Thinking about watching either Rashamon or World on a Wire tonight...
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