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^^^ i really liked Hells Angels but i found The Outlaw to be unwatchable. 

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Disappointing; should've probably rewatched District 9 instead.

You couldn't tell from the trailers? I thought it looked stupid and never considered watching it.
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That's why I skipped it at the cinema. I was still at bit curious though, to see if there was something worthwhile here. It turns out the bad reviews were pretty well deserved.
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Adolphe Menjou is the star in this role, playing Rita's irksome father. He wants Rita, the eldest unmarried daughter, to fall in love and marry so that his younger daughters can marry afterwards, so he manufactures a secret admirer, hoping to produce a suitable man afterwards. Rita falls in love and assumes Astaire to be the man due to coincidence, but Menjou absolutely despises him and makes multiple attempts to thwart the relationship.


Note: Astaire has an incredible dancing sequence in Menjou's office. Xavier Cugat also makes a guest appearance as himself and has a few funny scenes.

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Westworld: I read you sort of have to see it to fully grasp the new series (which was good). Not as good as the VHS cover, but the three leads are manifestly likeable and it has a cool concept, plus the Eight Is Enough dad with robot whores. I wonder if the theme park-obsessed Crighton was a stealth influence upon George Saunders. B+.
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Dheepan - Jacques Audiard (2015)


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Escaping one war and ending up in another. Dependent of each other the refugees develop deep bond. It's nice this drama, except the ending that is too action man. I can believe in the characters, they are human and have nuances and show a whole range of motivations and emotions, and gives a good picture of the immigrants situation. The camera is a bit documentary, without ever letting me believe this is anything other than fiction. Moving without being sentimental, I liked this a lot. Best actor is Jesuthasan Antonythasan as Dheepan.


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A couple of early Gable-Harlow pairings. They essentially play the same characters in both films. Gable's the man in charge, a little lewd and crude, but he gets the job done. Harlow's the lady who's not quite a lady, but just lady enough for Gable. In fact, the other woman in both films is essentially the same too - the proper English lady who's just a class above both Gable and Harlow.


The formula works well in both films - no doubt because both Gable and Harlow play their roles well.

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, plus the Eight Is Enough dad with robot whores.

Did lol.
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Finally got around to seeing this. At last Leo got his Oscar, but there are a lot of his other roles I've liked him bettter in. My favourite part here was the extremely beautiful landscape shots.


Should've turned this one off when I saw it was Eli Roth. It's not horror though, it's just horrible. But Ana de Armas was cute.


Based on the tv-series Spooks, which I don't believe I've seen. It's slightly entertaining but mostly forgettable. Feels like a made-for-tv film.


Penn tries to do a Bourne movie; fails.


Jon Snow, The Dude and Prince Caspian goes witch hunting. Also has Alicia Vikander, Djimon Hounsou and Julianne Moore. It mostly looks like a game of Diablo and it's definitely not great - but if you're looking for a quick Fantasy fix, at least it's not as bad as those Hobbit failures.


The little quirky attorney from Ally McBeal goes dragon hunting. Not without its charms and a bit darker at times than expected for a Disney production.

Warning: Large bonus poster (Click to show)
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^ No artificial lightning in the Revenant, that's something in this beautiful, but too long movie. Some complicated directing as well; the battle scenes are like a ballet. 

Agree, Leonardo has done better than all this grunting. But he is better actor than his reputation. I think it is held against him that he was a kind of child star. I like what he has done with Scorsese. 

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Originally Posted by Roy Al View Post

Agree, Leonardo has done better than all this grunting.
And Hardy outclassed him in every scene they shared.
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Well crafted blood less spy flick. It won't take a place among my favourite Spielberg films, but it still felt like time well spent in good company.

Mel plays a character not unlike Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon (suicidal Nam vet living in a trailer) in this pretty efficient, tight thriller. And as much as I like Tom Hardy, I couldn't help thinking throughout how much more I would've liked to see Mel as Max in the latest Mad Max movie.
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Just watched Dead Pool tonight. Pretty fun movie.
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Agreed about Bridge of Spies. It's always tempting to hold Spielberg's and Hanks' sucess against them (and Hanks can never hope to again achieve the transcendence of Big), but they are both more than competent at their crafts and the movie is solid storytelling. Was a solid airplane watch for me (which is not meant to be entirely backhanded, since the shitty viewing conditions, periodic interruptions, etc. can make it really hard to watch a movie that doesn't hold together).
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Mark Rylance(Rudolf Able)=awesome. I was in high school when this went down and I still remember it as another of those "is this going to be the end moments of the cold war". Cuban missile crisis was a couple years later.Fuck, as  if high school wasn't stressful enough already

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