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Fracture - Gregory Hoblit (2007)




Besides Gosling this movie was a predictable bore. Even the honourable Anthony Hopkins seems bored. Can't remember seen him play so lousy.  Light is full of cliches, script is laughable, and the music is just irritating. But Gosling is good. Forget about the rest.

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I liked that one.
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I enjoyed watching this.

Craig Robinson was great in it. After watching the film, then, seeing the RT score was reassuring.
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Originally Posted by SirReveller View Post

I liked that one.

I'll forgive you. :-O

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While maybe the most violent movie of its time, reading up on the real life Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, it seems the reality was even more grisly and violent. For instance, they killed at least nine police officers and several civilians, and the Texas Ranger Frank Hamer who (amongst others) was tasked with hunting them down, wasn't the slightly fumbling character of the movie, but a man officially credited with 53 kills and having suffered 17 wounds.

Apparently, the fascination with celebrity was already in full effect in 1934, with crowds descending on the mowed down corpses of Parker and Barrow (hit by 25 to 50 bullets each), with one woman cutting off pieces of Bonnie's dress and locks of her bloody hair, while others tried to cut off Clyde's ear and trigger finger. As souvenirs. And more than 20.000 showed up for Bonnie Parker's funeral.

Estelle Parsons won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Blanche Barrow (who understandingly didn't approve of this portrayal) and Gene Wilder was hilarious as the real life undertaker H.D. Darby (called Eugene Grizzard in the movie), who was kidnapped by Bonnie and Clyde and who IRL ended up assisting the embalming of their bodies.
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Truman (2015) with Riccardo Darin - nice little film set in Madrid

Bird People

Maggie's Plan

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20,000 days on earth - Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard (2014)




 Bad directing and irritating acting - but the music, the music is just a delight. Didn't like this movie about Nick Cave playing Nick Cave. 

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I grew up with the TV-series, but I don't think I've ever seen this before. Interesting enough to see the well-known characters portrayed by different actors (only Radar would be played by the same guy on TV two years later). Being more episodic in nature than following a conventional story structure, it still holds your attention and it's wickedly funny at times (even though the football match at the end is way too long). Going by memory, I do think I prefer the TV-series.
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^^^ original johnny mandel version of suicide is painless. Apparently altman's 13 year old kid wrote those lyrics.
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And went on to earn about a million dollars in royalties (compared to daddy Robert's 70k directing salary).
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'Twas ok.
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Low tech sci-fi/western that I nearly turned off, but since there isn't enough good post apocalyptic stuff around I stayed with it. Story didn't really engage me, but I enjoyed the (rather Fallout inspired) world they'd created. Reminds me that I still need to find and watch A Boy and His Dog.
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^^^ oh and speaking of Nick Cave, i found The Proposition to be thoroughly engaging. 

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Has to be at least twenty five years since I've seen this. Won the Palme d'Or in 1989.

Steven Soderbergh made his career with this script and the film ably assisted by James Spader Andie McDowell Laura San Giacomo Peter Gallagher and the barfly and therapist.

After the movie both Mrs GF and I agreed that it really hasn't aged.And it ushered in a new wave of independent directors in the early 90's. A great film well worth watching.
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Now everyone just points cellphones at one another. And snapchats. And that's no movie. That's just a modern highschool cafeteria.
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