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Watched an oldie "Misery" cast James Cann and Kathy Bates, nice drama

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It's been a couple of weeks since I last put on Casablanca, and it was very enjoyable to once more be in the company of Bogey, Sydney Greenstreet and (especially) Peter Lorre, in this 75 year old re-make and early Noir classic.
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Watched Paranoia , good movie I liked it.


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I find it interesting that Woody Allen has managed to make all these films around the same "Woody Allen" character.

A relaxing movie for a summer evening, exploring the usual Allen themes.


I liked the 1930s style and -especially- colors.




And Blake Lively is so hot I might even watch that shark movie. 

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Caught Fletch again last night on the magical Encore channel, solved the mystery of that soundtrack that's been in my head forever: turns out the Chevy Chase epic shares some wonderful synth vibes with Beverly Hills Cop. Highly recommended.
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Fun fact: Also just found out that Blake Lively is in fact the sister of Robin Lively from 1989's Teen Witch. (Also recommended).
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Some beautiful scenery shot in Ultra Panavision, an obscene amount of extras in the battle scenes and some clever dialog (especially when the prime minister is involved) courtesy of the Oscar nominated screenplay. It's no Lawrence (though the leads have some character traits in common), but it was better than I expected.

Incidentally, I couldn't help thinking all the way through how Richard Johnson (playing Col. John Stewart) - while maybe lacking the charisma of Sean - had the perfect look for playing Bond. Turns out that he actually had been Terence Young's preferred choice for that role.
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Basil Dearden is a great name for a director and Khartoum a great name for a horse.



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The horses I grew up with were called things like Eldur and Snarfari.
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Trigger and Champion

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So even though Richard Johnson turned down the role of Bond for Dr No, he still played a very Bond like character about 5 years later, in this from 1967 (I just found out about that and watched the whole thing here). Not surprisingly it doesn't come close to the greatness of the Bonds from that era, and some parts have more in common with Austin Powers than 007. Also, it seems like the director is asking Johnson to do his best Connery-smirk impersonation at all times, regardless of how serious the scene else might be, but it was still fun to see what almost could've been.
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the 007 franchise sort of became a parody of itself after awhile, even during Connery's tenure.


apropos of nothing (besides the era), I really enjoyed The President's Analyst, with James Coburn.

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Although I like Terence Malick, I think this one went too far with experimentation and improvisation, to the point I found it hard to follow.

Also, although the cinematographer is one of the best, I think the camera was moving too much.

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I had a relative who worked with Malick on that dreadful The New World. Emphatically called Malick a "dilettante". ...Thin Red Line is still sick though.
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I found a rare clip of an aging The Shadow watching The New World:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The Shadow knows!
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