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Any better examples?

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Great movie.
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Really enjoyed watching this again. Saw it when it first came out. Holds up wellI think. Douglas was better than I remember.

PS: Glad to see the Kurt respect.
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Absolutely. The sequel was such an abortion. Eugh.
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You guys are like so mean.



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Just watched Into the Woods, a musical which on the surface appears to be a sweet amalgam of traditional fairy tales, but which completely sucks and goes off the rocker at the end because...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
the prince, shortly after finding Cinderella (the only woman in the kingdom with a size 6 shoe) decides to randomly fuck the baker's wife because (almost a direct quote) "What happens in the woods stays in the woods". Shortly afterward, the baker's wife belts out a sing-song-y number that goes something like, "I just want to fuck a prince, sha-la-la-la", then gets slut-shamed and killed by the giant of Jack and the Beanstalk fame.

Major head-scratcher of a kid's film.
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ummm... that was a broadway musical, written by the same guy who wrote Sweeney Todd...


just try the original Grimm's tales if you think that movie was kid-unfriendly.


also: youtube the Hansel and Gretel that Tim Burton did for Disney back in 1982.

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I guess I just had way different expectations based upon the tone of the first nine tenths of the movie -- plus the fact it was introduced to me as a family film. :P
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OK for the second time in as many weeks wifey subverts "date night" (sitter for 5 hrs) from dinner and a movie to "there's some stores I'd like to go to sans stroller. Wanna see a flick solo?". 3 pints and Bourne instead of the Ghostbusters reboot? Hellz yeah. Frankly a bar stool followed by a flick of your choosing + double butter large beats any (married) date night around.

So..anyway: Bourne. I'd read reviews from meh to bad and even my bro literally said only "meh". He's a generous soul just like me - one who'd earnestly uphold Sly's Judge Dredd as an example of a great film - so at this point I knew things were getting dicey for ol Jason B.

My take? And this is a long one w real plot spoilers btw..
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
After 2012's Renner detour (4) I think people wanted to resee the magic of Identity (1). Damon back after nine years as Bourne? Nine years after Ultimatum (3), mind you?? Hoowee. Yessir!

Unfortunately Damon ain't no Will Hunting anymore and in short the magic is gone. Stop reading now unless youre bored cuz that's about it.

Supremacy (2) and even to a degree Ultimatum (3) kept the magic of (1) goin but you could feel the lightning slipping from the bottle so to speak. By (3) you could sense the fatigue setting in. The Jeremy Renner (4) was pretty good and, I'm sorry to say, better than this, (5). Jason Bourne. Return of. If ya didn't catch that emphasis from the title (lol).

Cool European cities? Dirty MMA close quarter fighting? Gun fu? CIA spooks and vans and earpieces and car chases and shit? Check check check and check. However with (1) it was all so very new. I recall (1) was reedited from scratch at the last minute, featured Damon at the bottom of a run of bombs and basically had many participants thinking a likely flop. Certainly few expected a smash hit and a sequel let alone a franchise/phenomenon. This is the grand tradition of Godfather 1 BTW.

In short, (1) was bad-ass. Amoral brainwashed assassins. One goes rogue. Evil CIA chief. Search for self. Someone w a philosophy degree can go on from here. I won't go on b/c we've all seen it: just a wicked blockbuster film. Especially on first viewing.

Ludlum and the gritty cold war spy action is hardly a new genre. Three Days of the Condor has some fight scenes and crowd-earpiece-assassin scenes that kinda foretell Bourne IMO. All they added was MMA, laptops and a new level of graphic realism. And handicam "you are there" cinematography I suppose too.

Before I went in I was kinda steamed wifey didn't want to see Bourne *nor* the new Bond awhile ago. I conducted a survey amongst meh married friends and got about 50/50 on in-theater enthusiastic attendance by the female. Interesting. The point of this though is on the way in I kinda had Bond and Bourne rattling around in my head.

As I walked out of Bourne I realized why Bond marches on and this never will.

Bourne can't keep taking on the CIA! The original program director, they kill his gf, the real brains of the op, a different Bourne and the evil cloneBourne program. Now a kind of topical Snowden expose-them-again thing. With Tommy Lee Jones as the new evil CIA guy.

And (spoiler) a brutal "you killed my father" subplot intended to be Jason's prime motivation. These flashbacks are cringe-worthy. So brutal: Bourne's dad invented the fucking program. Yep. Then they killed his dad cuz he didn't want Jason to join. Like they wouldn't filter on this!? Hello??

Anyway, Bourne can't keep whacking new evil CIA station chiefs and deputy directors and whoeverthefuck. And he can't take on new external enemies. No sir. Because he's the ultimate *rogue* and can't very well work *with* the CIA? Can he? Bourne (6): Son of Bourne. Son fights ISIS? I don't think so.

Bond, however, always has new enemies. Sure, treacherous fucks within on occasion but generally Blofelds and Dr. No's and whoever. A neverending supply.

Finally, just to make sure this is a tl;dr, the formula isn't new anymore. 2002 was a long time ago. The extraordinary fight scenes of (1) come along every three months with a new Statham movie. Hell, even Daniel Craig fights like Bourne these past Bonds. Even the music doesn't stand out anymore to set that tension.

Now there's a ton of Bourne books so "prove me wrong" but I think with (5) Jason is finally DOA.

Very disappointed to have to report as so, but there it is.
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^ I hope you skipped my take on it, (as there were some spoilers there) before seeing it, but it seems we largely agree. Also, weren't there only three Bourne books by Ludlum? They should probably have left it at that those three; there must be other good stories - original or not - worth filming.

And speaking of Bond, I put on these two yesterday:


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Spot on Kaplan.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
A secret alliance: let's meet at a DC power lunch spot in an open booth. Noone knows what the CIA director and billionaire tech top dog look like. Right? In fact, let's appear on a panel together. So bad. And some hot 27yr old being 'director'? And you're right: she's threatening blackmail? On her superiors? Who disappear people for a living?

You could retort that the first three stretched 'plausibility' and it's just escapist action pseudo-drama afterall but none of them or even the Renner cloneBournes (4) had such gaping plot holes. Bad fan fiction indeed.

And the Ocean's 12 master thief whacking his dad. Eugh. Dad murderer revenge. Such a lazy and hackneyed device. Cassel is a mere four years older than Damon too. So, what, they get a 22 year old rookie for an internal hit? I don't think so.

Great point on only three Ludlum Bournes. Yet (4) wasn't a disaster like this. It seems Tony Gilroy handled the screenplays for the first four then for (5) the director of 1-3 tried his hand at screenwriting. Clearly the skills aren't transferable 1:1.

Maybe Gilroy can salvage a #6? Sadly I doubt it. CIA'd have to kill Bourne's cat or something.
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Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post

And speaking of Bond, I put on these two yesterday:

Look at that poster!  Thats risque even by todays standards. (with the ass and all)

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Russell T Davies production of A Midsummers Night's Dream.

Great ensemble cast and GCI bring the Brads tale to life in visual splendour for an inspired retelling of the play. Highly recommended as its available on DVD.
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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin View Post

Russell T Davies production of A Midsummers Night's Dream.

Great ensemble cast and GCI bring the Brads tale to life in visual splendour for an inspired retelling of the play. Highly recommended as its available on DVD.

Watched it with the fam. Was great.
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Originally Posted by The Ernesto View Post

Watched it with the fam. Was great.

I recorded but have yet to watch a 1935 version with James Cagney with Mickey Rooney as Puk.
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