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I saw Blade Runner in the mid 80-ies, and again some eight years later; the ending was so disconnected to the rest of the story; leaving off to nature, clouds melting away and all happy end. Didn't make much sense and felt just strange. Cannot remember any unicorn.


I will take both your advices @Kaplan.

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In recent days:

Re-visiting this Oscar winner from '71, after some 30+ years. Great work by Friedkin and Hackman, but somehow it wasn't as glorious as I had hoped/expected/remembered. 3/5

Rather long at 3 hours, but you're in great company all the way, so 4/5

Rewatching this (the extended version) was a bittersweet experience. Sweet, as it's a near perfect adaptation, with very few things I would have liked to see differently - the best of the trilogy, IMO. Bitter, as it's a painful reminder of what the Hobbit movie(!) could have been like, if different decisions had been made. 5/5 (Hobbit trilogy was 1/5).
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^ you are so much right about LOTR and Hobbit comparison
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Originally Posted by wojt View Post

^ you are so much right about LOTR and Hobbit comparison

Well, as a Bard (albeit an evil one) I would totally expect you to recognise good vs bad storytelling ;-)
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Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post

Well, as a Bard (albeit an evil one) I would totally expect you to recognise good vs bad storytelling ;-)

hahahaha smile.gif well played
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Watched Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid two nights ago. Good stuff. Was really turned off by their run in with the Bolivian police toward the end. Douche bags.
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Maria full of grace - Joshua Marston (2004)





Seventeen year old girl, poor, suborn and pregnant, tries to get easy money, but learns that life can be hard if you don't accept your fate. Or does she?


I like this movie, it is thrilling, and interesting too. It gives a philosophical and religious dimension to the question of poverty; shall one accept one's fate or fight against it. If one choose the latter; what are the options? Better than the first?

Maria tries to get out of her situation but ends up more exploited, until she decides to choose for her self. Her freedom is to choose her fate, just like the biblical Maria.

Go Maria, go! Even if I'm almost sure that you will find great difficulties, I rather you take your own way, because the other way will only bring you greater sorrows. 

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Originally Posted by Roy Al View Post

And I will put Aliens on my watchlist, some day I will watch it.

FWIW, Alien is a sci-fi suspense/horror movie. Aliens is a sci-fi action movie. Aliens has machine guns.

I'm not sure I'd agree with Kaplan about Alien holding up better than Aliens. Alien might hold up better to someone who was around at the time and is appreciating what it did for film...but I'd guess that if you brought in a 25 year old who hadn't seen either, they would much prefer Aliens.
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Hmm, I guess 'holding up' can mean different things... I don't doubt that for a younger viewer (maybe especially one looking for an action fix), Aliens will be more satisfying. I've seen both recently, and Aliens just felt more dated to me, I think mostly due to the 80's action movie bravado, whereas Alien seemed nearly timeless and still fresh (to me) with it's spectacular set designs, lighting, mood, acting and score. To me it's pretty much a perfect movie. I still love Aliens too, though. (Both are 5/5 in my book.)
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Speaking of 80's action movie bravado, this seemed like the thing to put on:

John McTiernan really had a spectacular hat-trick in the late 80's with this from '87, Die Hard ('88) and The Hunt for Red October ('90). Almost every line from this one is quotable and with very well made creature effects and no bad CGI to date it, it still holds up really well. Great score too. 4/5
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Lol. Predator sprang to mind immediately when I read "80's action movie bravado". Then I scrolled further et voilà.

Speaking of 80's action movie bravado with great scores, this one follows naturally.

As typical for the 80s, again some cheesy (the general) stuff in there, but overall 8-9/10 for sheer epic set pieces (thunderstorm stand-off, the jump, the tunnel blow out, the precinct takeover, ...), all seemlessly supported by one of the best action film scores out there by Jerry Goldsmith.
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I agree, First Blood is very good (I should find a copy). Over the top obviously, but compared to the cheesy Rambo sequels that followed, it's story about how a Vietnam veteran is received when returning home is almost poignant.
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Wake in fright - Ted Kotcheff (1971)




An unhappy teacher plans to visit his girlfriend during Christmas, but ends up in the outskirts of humanity facing suppressed homosexuality, beer drinking and pure animal cruelty.


The movie - that is not unbeautiful, and has nice editing, shows the lack of culture and civilization that John Grant (Gary Bond) meets in his disillusion and how he becomes infected by the brutality that surrounds him.


Donald Pleasence in a marvelous part as an alcoholic ex-doctor that has sex with John one night. Disgusting hunting of kangaroos. 

There is just one woman in any important part, depressed and grumpy, but she offer John sex - he vomits.


It's a movie about a society without tenderness and humanity, and what that do with the people living under these conditions.


This is an almost forgotten movie, not much loved in Australia, but praised by Marin Scorsese and Nick Cave.

I guess this is not a movie for everyone. For me it was a so and so movie.

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I thought that movie was a cult classic in Australia? A while ago I sold Blurays on Ebay, and they went very quickly. So the movie does have some popularity. If I knew what it was about I would of kept one. Sounds interesting.
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It is maybe a cult classic these days, but it was long forgotten in Australia. They didn't like it and didn't feel it gave an accurate portrait of the Aussies when it was released.

In Europe, France and UK it was rather popular.

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