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I prefer my Leone in Jewish gangster form but will settle for the dollars trilogy.
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Originally Posted by double00 View Post

blue shadows from the three amigos. by the great Randy Newman (who also plays the voice of the singing bush):

as a bonus read the first comment by Emma whoever. is it just me or is that suspiciously syntactically familiar?

Holy fuck, yes. El Guapo!
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Little Big Man is well worth a viewing.


Here's Chief Dan George going out in style. Or not.




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i tried watching Little Big Man when i was a dipshit kid and just didn't have the patience for it at that time.


but, i remember that the soundtrack was by John Hammond Jr, son of the legendary music scout and producer (seriously, dude scouted Robert Johnson and Bob Dylan). when i was 13 my older brother and i went to see John Lee Hooker and Hammond was the opener. he absolutely torched the stage and left quite an impression on my young idiotic brain. imma have to catch that flick sometime soon.

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Not watching TPM/AOTC. ever

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Saw Unforgiven agin this year first time in ages, excellent. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence an all time favourite Western of mine.

Last night The Water Diviner directed by Russell Crowe. Post Great War film about a rural father, the water diviner, who returns to Gallipoli in search of the remains of his three sons, good cast and based on a true story.

My favourite Western is probably My Darling Clementine, with H Fonda as Wyatt Earp.


Saw this the other night, it was OK

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John Ritter was a much better actor than anyone gave him credit for. Yeah, he was in a lot of dogshit movies and TV but he really put his heart into them.
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Ritter was great in Hooperman.



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Did you ever see Real Men? It is a fucking train wreck of a movie, but Ritter puts his gusto in what probably paid his mortgage for 6 months.

Not even the most ridiculous/best scene in the film.
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I think Ritter was good in Slingblade.



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