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I Agree with you.

Good movie but not a great one.
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Bad education - Pedro Almodòvar (2004)



This is an interesting movie about trust and misuse, lies and truth, passion and identity, who is exploiting who? It's also a movie about making a movie, and there are quite some twists in here. And it is a movie about love that is not returned. 
Almodòvar is a true artist, and has his very own style: bright colours, a typical clearness in the scenes and always people who have to come to terms with some hidden secrets about their past. He is an actors director, and he is good at showing persons with a wide range of qualities, and his movies seem always well prepared and well done. His movies can easily be watched several times, there is much in there to discover.
It took me some years to like his intellectual and somewhat distant, almost chilly way of telling stories, but after 'All about my mother' I just love him.



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 Velvet Goldmine - Todd Haynes (1998)





This is a story on different levels; a journalist (Christian Bale) is set to do a story on the glam rock of his youth and has to come to terms with his teenage years, his sexuality and his idols. Through flashbacks we get to learn his personal story, but even more we get to learn about one of the big glam names; David Bowie (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) his rise and fall, and his love affair with US prepunk star Iggy Pop ( played by Ewan McGregor). The Bale character has a certain crush on Bowie and is fascinated by his lovelife.


To me this is just not good enough. The direction is too sloopy, I'm never sure what story Haynes wants to tell. The Christian Bale character vanishes in the make-up of Rhys Meyer. I loose interest since I never sure what he wants to show me. McGregor does some good scenes though.

The camerawork is less than ordinary, mostly due to poor lightning skills. 

There is none songs of David Bowie in this movie, that is strange. There are quite some from Roxy Music, which I find strange since they were not a glam band and they are not in the movie. 


This movie could have been good; it could have been about coming to terms with one self and one's youth. But it doesn't.



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Based on a true story … 1980's disaffected teens protect one friend who has murdered a classmate. And I thought Crispin Glover was weird before. Good flick though.
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I was able to see an advance screening of Creed tonight which blew away my cautious expectations. Perfectly blends the old with the new. The directing, fight choreography, DP, and editing of the middle fight is astounding; best I have ever seen in a boxing film.

The movie is full of action and excitement, laughter and lightheartedness, raw and deep emotion that pulls those feelings right out of you. There are some elements which pull you a bit out of it, such as the cheesy boxer bio/stats that pop up and the blatant HBO tie-ins, but that all falls away as you sink in and enjoy. My friend and I both flat out loved it.

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i love the original Rocky so much:


a born loser gets his shot and figures out that he can't win. an underdog story becomes an existential triumph. magnificent.


so i'm looking forward to seeing Creed.

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Wow. Wonderful casting job and just a great film. Plenty of action and conflict and beautiful cinematography which by no means slows down the pace of the story at all. Really wish all the other 'epics' (Doctor ZhivagoGiantSpartacus, etc.) were as entertaining and enthralling as this.

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@ballmouse : I love this, but I adore Dr Zhivago. That is Lean's best. Close encounter is also very good movie, but a reactionary story, but A passage to India was so boring and outdated, Ryan's doughter just too long and uninspired. David Lean has really given movies all over the quality spectrum. 

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Julie Christie was the only reason I continued to watch Zhivago. Brief Encounter is fine. I like Bridge over the River Kwai more  (probably my 2nd favorite of Lean's). The only other Lean production I've watched is Hobson's Choice. I didn't like it - not really funny and the story (kind of like Zhivago) is very lackluster.

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Originally Posted by ballmouse View Post

Julie Christie was the only reason I continued to watch Zhivago


Don't Look Now.



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Mr Lean was a very serious man, living in a seriuous time. I like the way of making movies back then, very worked through. Far from Dogme, to put it an other way. 

The Brigde over the River Kwai is many years ago for me, and I could do with a revisit. Kind of remember it as looooooong.

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Older films seem to have ordinary people in extraordinary scenarios and modern films have extraordinary people in extraordinary scenarios (relatively speaking). Nowadays you just can't identify with any of the characters.


I guess it means more effects, camerawork, and more spectacles. But I think modern films could focus more on the storytelling, acting, and dialogue which to seem to better ground older films. There just seems to be too much emphasis on muscles, makeup, and effects.

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I agree with you, but on the other side there are being made so many more movies these days, and those who don't make heavy use of effect and the extraordinary seem to drown in the competition. (Or the noise). I think the production speed leads to too many short cuts during the whole production for many movies. 

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Good mid week viewing. Excellent cast and a solid murder mystery set against the back drop of the July plot. Peter O'Toole plays murderous psychotic Nazi traumatised by his time in Russia.
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Never realized Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif did another movie together.
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